More than 200 students graduated from the department this year from the various undergraduate programmes and the postgraduate programmes. Their graduation was marked by the Commencement Ceremony on 14 July 2015 at the University Cultural Centre (UCC). CNM Alumnus and Managing Director, TRPC Pte Ltd, Ms Lim May Ann, was the guest speaker for the ceremony. Mead John Fletcher who graduated with a PhD was the second valedictorian for the ceremony and shared about his journey towards attaining his PhD degree.

The Commencement ceremony was followed by the CNM Graduation Party, which was held at the University Hall from 2.30pm to 4.30pm. Graduates, parents, staff and faculty members came together to celebrate the success of the graduating cohort. Speaking at the event were two guests; Ms Lim May Ann, who was the Guest of Honour and Ms Lou Dela Pena, CEO, Publicis Singapore who was the Special Guest Speaker. Both of them shared their words of wisdom on how to pursue your dreams, build your career and be successful.

The CNM Graduation Party was also a platform to recognise outstanding staff for their contributions to the department and outstanding students from the graduating cohort. The following awards were given out; CNM Best Teacher Award to Asst Prof Alex Mitchell and Dr Tracy Loh, CNM Best Teaching Assistant Award to Jodie Luu, CNM Outstanding Researcher Award to Asst Prof Iccha Basnyat, CNM Outstanding Faculty Service Award to Asst Prof Jude Yew and Ms Francesa Nathan and the CNM Outstanding Service Award to Ms Gayathri Dorairaju. In the student awards category Charlotte, Lee Shi Yi received the ‘CNM Best Student Award’ for her overall performance while Kellyn, Lee Miao Qian won the ‘CNM Best Honours Student Award’ for her overall performance and ‘CNM Best Student for Social Impact Award’, for her contributions to society.

The party ended with smiles, hugs, goodbyes, photos and more photos.

We wish the class of 2015, all the best! To view photos from the graduation party. Click here.

Graduates from the Class of 2015 with faculty members and staff

Graduates from the Class of 2015 with faculty members and staff










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