Appreciation Dinner for Class Champions 2015

An appreciation dinner was organised on 25 June 2015 at the Bumbu Restaurant for Class Champions 2015, to recognise their efforts in inspiring their peers to contribute towards the FASS Student Advancement Bursary Fund. The fund supports FASS students through provision of bursaries and financial aid. The dinner was organised by the External Relations and Student Life team of the Dean’s Office.

Class champions from the various FASS departments attended the dinner and shared their experience of the Class Giving initiative. Also present were staff representing the different departments. The CNM department was represented by Class Champions Lee Kai Shun, Loh Sze Ming and Louis Puah. Alumnus Kenneth Kang who was Class Champion of 2014 was also present.

The dinner was an opportunity to bond with students and alumni in a casual setting and also provided a platform for the students to voice their feedback and thoughts on the whole journey of being a Class Champions. The Class Champions also gave suggestions that could be implemented in the next round of Class Giving.

As they graduate from NUS, we wish all our Class Champions the very best as they embark on new journeys and that they continue to be champions make a difference to society.

25 June 2015 - Appreciation Dinner

Class Champions 2015 and staff at the Appreciation Dinner


Anger, Fear and the Vote: Understanding Emotional Responses in the 2014 Indian National Election


Can emotions be an important mediator in precipitating political participation and affecting vote choice among voters? Social scientists recently have started paying more attention to understand the emotional response of individuals to political issues often caused by exposure and attention to media messages as well as interpersonal communications. It has been demonstrated in various research that different emotions – negative and positive – cause different response among individuals depending upon the contexts affecting political participation. Among all negative valence emotions, anger and fear stand out both because of the degree of scholarly attention as well as their contradictory and dissimilar effects on political behavior (Lecheler and Schuck 2013). There is evidence that threat and anxiety can spur information processing and increase political learning, but not campaign involvement (Marcus and Mackuen 1993; Nadaeu, Neimi, and Amato 1995), while fear leads to withdrawal or retreat from political participation. At the same time, anger is associated with increasing political participation (Valentino et al 2011; Lecheler, Schuck and deVreese 2013). It must however be noted that most of these studies are based in advanced developed countries and no attempt has been made yet to empirically study the role of emotions in political behavior in developing countries.  In this paper, emotion is studied in the highly diverse context of India by analyzing the role of emotions in the 2014 Indian national election and to what extent they affected political participation and vote choice. Our two-wave panel study in Delhi, which for the first time included an emotion scale, is used here to understand the dissimilar effects of fear and anger among different social and religious groups with particular focus on Muslim minorities. It should be noted however that emotions are not static or a permanent characteristic of a person or candidate image and can change over time.  Our two-wave panel study helps in capturing some of these nuances and factors that cause change in emotions. This presentation discusses some of the preliminary findings to get the feedbacks.

About the speaker

Taberez Ahmed NeyaziTaberez Ahmed Neyazi (PhD, National University of Singapore) is an Assistant Professor at the Centre for Culture, Media and Governance at Jamia Millia Islamia (JMI), New Delhi. He serves as India’s Coordinator for “Media Campaigns and Influence in Elections”, a collaborative project with colleagues at Emory University and Cleveland State University. Before moving to JMI, he held numerous fellowships including: Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) Postdoctoral Fellow at Kyoto University; Visiting Fellow at the East-West Center in Hawaii and Nanyang Technological University in Singapore; and German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) fellow at Erfurt University.. He has contributed to several edited volumes and his articles have appeared in several international refereed journals such as International Journal of Press/Politics, Media, Culture and Society, Media International Australia, Asian Journal of Political Science, Economic and Political Weekly, among others. His most recent publication includes a co-edited volume, Democratic Transformation and the Vernacular Public Arena in India (Routledge, London, 2014).

Date & Time: Monday 29 June, 12 noon

Venue: CNM Dept Blk AS6 03-33

CNM Welcomes new staff – Munirah Bashil & Azeemah Mustafa

CNM welcomes Munirah Bashil & Azeemah Mustafa who join us as full-time research staff.

munirah IC picMunirah will be part of the CARE lab. In her own words, “I worked at the National Gallery for a few months as a research assistant dealing mainly with copyright issues and a project that would be launched when the museum opens! Currently, I’m working on the Malay Heart Health Project and I’m excited to be part of other projects in CARE that will benefit the society. My interests lie in seeking knowledge; basically anything that requires me to learn something new and imparting it another person. And for this reason, learning new languages, travelling, cultural exchanges and art with a spiritual aspect such as calligraphy, are the things l look forward to during my free time “ .


AzeemahAzeemah Mustafa will be part of Assoc Prof Zhang Weiyu’s project team.

Azeemah’s research interest include the following ; organizational communication, culture & communication, media ethics, law and policies in Southeast Asia, media management and media effect. In her free time Azeemah enjoys travelling.

Respect Our Food Rights Campaign Launch

11116439_1597614427189265_9133017994635859645_oThe Centre for Culture-Centered Approach to Research and Evaluation (CARE) together with ‘HealthServe’ launched the ‘Respect Our Food Rights’, campaign which advocates  for better food access to migrant construction workers. The month long campaign raises awareness about food issues through a television commercial, bus and MRT advertisements as well as a ten minute documentary.

The campaign is the result of a two year research and included interviews, focus-group discussions and surveys with migrant construction workers.

The campaign was reported in The Straits Times as well as TODAY newspapers:

More than 9 in 10 Bangladeshi foreign workers say they are given unclean and unhygenic food: NUS survey

Catered food for workers needs more regulation, urge researchers

CNM Welcomes Svenja Ottovordemgentschenfelde

Svenja_headshot photoCNM Welcomes Svenja  Ottovordemgentschenfelde. Svenja is is a doctoral researcher in the Department of Media and Communications at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). Her primary research interests are journalism studies, news innovation and the future of journalism. Svenja’s doctoral work focuses on the influences on and conditions of political journalists’ engagement with Twitter.

Svenja’s research is funded by the UK Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC). She is also a researcher in the Parenting for a Digital Future project which is funded by the MacArthur Foundation as part of the Connected Learning Research Network (CLRN).Svenja is visiting CNM through the Academic Partnership Doctoral Exchange program between NUS and the LSE and will be here until end June 2015.

Spotlight on Alumni – Kintu Annie Joseph

Kintu-Annie-Joseph-WebKintu Annie Joseph

Account Manager, Expion, Singapore

Kintu Annie Joseph graduated from CNM in 2013 with a Master of Arts in Communication and New Media. She currently works as an Account Manager with Expion, an American SAAS (Software as a Service) company to support their Clients digital marketing needs. She manages clients like Coca-Cola, Singapore Airlines, Oreo, and Cadbury Dairy Milk for the Asia Pacific region. Kintu, says her work is pretty challenging and involves being aware of current digital marketing trends, and knowing how to solve the needs of these organizations in multiple markets.

Kintu feels that doing her Masters at CNM under the supervision of Dr. T T Sreekumar was probably one of the better decisions she has made and that the experience was not just about learning theories or getting grades, it was about exposure to different schools of thought and perspectives. She adds that, personally, the research project she did helped her learn and look at life from a different perspective. The 3 years she spent at CNM were among the best and she continues to keep in touch with most of her friends from NUS.

Spotlight on Alumni – Dr Cheryll Soriano

Cheryll-Soriano---WebCheryll Soriano

Associate Professor and Graduate Program Coordinator, Dept. of Communication at De La Salle University, Manila

Cheryll Soriano completed her PhD at CNM in September of 2012 and is currently an Associate Professor and Graduate Program Coordinator at the Department of Communication at De La Salle University in Manila. Cheryll’s research appear in Media, Culture and Society, Communication, Culture & Critique, Journal of Creative Communications, Telematics and Informatics, and Journal of Communication Management, among others.  She is now working on a book project on Asian digital cultures (with A/P Sun Sun Lim) expected to be published by Routledge under its internationalising media studies series.

Cheryll says, “NUS-CNM was a vibrant academic environment that prepared me for engaging with important questions underlying the politics, ethics, and consequences of media engagement of varied users, particularly those of cultural minorities in developing societies. I benefited immensely from the collegial atmosphere and generous support available for graduate students — expert mentoring, stimulating classroom sessions with intelligent and supportive packs of graduate students and Professors, opportunity to engage with colleagues and get feedback on my work during brown bag sessions, writing clinics, to generous conference and fieldwork grants. All these have helped me think about my research a bit more systematically and encouraged me to disseminate my work to the broader academic community through conferences and publications. Even the teaching assistantship was rewarding for the opportunity of working closely with some of the best Professors in the region and beneficial for obtaining the teaching experience necessary for an academic career. The relationships I’ve build with my Professors at CNM are treasured and sustained through continuing collaborations with them even after graduation. I’d strongly encourage the graduate students to take advantage of these many opportunities for expanding your field of knowledge —whether for preparing oneself for a career in academia or elsewhere!”

Spotlight on Alumni – Dr Carol Soon

Carol-Soon---WebCarol Soon (Dr)

Research Fellow, Institute of Policy Studies, Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, NUS, Singapore

Before pursuing her graduate studies, Carol Soon developed marketing and communications campaigns for profit and non-profit organizations such as the Guardian pharmaceutical retail chain and the National Kidney Foundation. She joined CNM’s PhD program in 2007 and was awarded her doctorate in 2011. Carol’s research interests include new media and activism, online collectives and digital engagement. Her work has been published in peer-reviewed journals including the Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication, Information Communication & Society, and Asian Journal of Communication. While she was a PhD student at CNM, she won several teaching awards in the department and faculty. Upon completion of her PhD, Carol won the Australian Endeavour Award which supported her fellowship at the Asia Research Centre in Murdoch University.

Currently as Research Fellow at the Institute of Policy Studies, Carol’s research lies in the intersection of social science and policy research. She enjoys publishing on a wide variety of platforms which enables her to reach different segments of the public. She is also teaching a module on new media and politics at the University Scholars Programme. Besides conducting policy-related research in the arts, culture and media, Carol sits in the Media Literacy Council and is Associate Editor of the Media Asia journal.

Her favourite CNM moments are the brown bag lunches that faculty members have with students. Those collegial sessions provided a cosy platform for research talk and chit chat. Still fresh in her memory are the celebrations for tenured staff where distinguished professors were decked out in Hello Kitty and royalty accoutrements. As for her advice to current students, Carol would like to refer them to Albert Einstein who said ““I have not failed 10,000 times, I’ve successfully found 10,000 ways that will not work.”

‘Young people and communication technologies: Emerging challenges in generational analysis’

Assoc. Prof Lim Sun Sun presented her paper on ‘Young people and communication technologies: Emerging challenges in generational analysis’ at the opening plenary of the 65th ICA Annual Conference. Read more here

Assoc Prof Lim Sun Sun presenting her paper at the ICA Annual Conference 2015

Assoc Prof Lim Sun Sun presenting her paper at the ICA Annual Conference 2015

Lim Sun Sun Plenary Opening 3

Assoc Prof Lim Sun Sun with other delegates at the ICA Annual Conference 2015


Heart2Climb – Appeal for donations to raise funds for Children’s Cancer Foundation (CCF)

1622129_1400487330226946_6487300517264641011_nCNM Student Ashik Ashokan and his friend who are behind Heart2Climb –  an effort to raise funds for the Children’s Cancer Foundation (CCF), will be scaling Asia’s Highest Volcano, Mt Damavand in Iran. In doing so, they hope to “to create awareness and raise funds for these brave children who are battling cancer and conquering ‘their own mountains’.” Ashik would like to appeal to the CNM family to come forward and donate to make a difference to the lives of children battling cancer.

In Ashik’s own words: ” In 2014, together with a friend from SIM, I trekked 220km in the Himalayas without the aid of porters and guides to raise over $50 000 for Society for the Physically Disabled (SPD). We were humbled by receiving  the Silent Heroes Role Model Award from Minister Indranee Rajah and NUS Student Achievement Award after the campaign’s completion.

This year in 2015, together with the same friend, I aim to climb Asia’s Highest Volcano, Mt Damavand in Iran, without the aid of porters or guides , to raise funds for Children’s Cancer Foundation (CCF).

I understand that everyone at CNM Department is proud of me and grace me with well wishes. However the ideal way to show support to me and motivate me as I undertake a highly risky expedition would be donate to children with cancer. No amount of donation is small; even $5 would be able to cover the transport cost of a child who needs chemo. I sincerely do hope and wish that all would donate generously. The children at CCF and I would be ever grateful for your contribution.

The easiest way to donate would be to go to and click on “Donate Now”. You may also read more about us and the campaign there. You may keep your donations coming in till July 14th. Every dollar that you donate benefits a child with cancer and donations are also 300% tax deductible (kindly key in your NRIC and Full Name in the donation portal).”