CNM is Asia’s best

CNM has been ranked the best in Asia for Communication and Media studies according to the latest QS University Rankings 2015 (by subject). The QS World University Rankings by Subject highlights the world’s leading institutions in individual subject areas, covering 36 academic disciplines and released its 5th edition earlier this morning. The rankings are based on global surveys of academics and graduate employers, as well as research citations data. In 2015, the opinions of 85,062 academics, 41,910 employers along with analysis of 17.3 million research papers and over 100 million citations formed the results of the rankings.

In total, NUS is best in Asia across 21 subjects, the university is also among the world’s 10 best universities for 11 subjects across disciplines in Architecture/Built Environment, Engineering, Science, and the Social Sciences.

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Final Project Screening by students of Photographic and Video Storytelling module

34 students of NM3230 Photographic and Video Storytelling module presented their final films at the Ngee Ann Kongsi Auditorium on 21 Apr 2015. There were eight fiction films; Black & White, Chance Encounters, Linger, To Do list, Darkness, Cat-strophe, Cardboard and Escape, as well as eight non-fiction films; Non-Fiction Films, Oven of Dreams, Sinkers TVC, Threads of Gold, Becoming Steph, It’s a Catty World, Bangla Beatniks, Walking with Benjamin and Ties that Bind.

The Photographic and Video Storytelling module is a new addition to the undergraduate programme and teaches students how to communicate stories using both moving and still images. The films by the students are the fruits of their 13-week journey of learning visual story telling in still photography and the moving image. Below are some photos from the screening.

P1000334 P1000335

P1000377        P1000387




Students’ Project – Group Reflection Project on ‘Introduction to Public Speaking’

Students’ Project – Group Reflection Project on ‘Introduction to Public Speaking’

How do you ace at Public Speaking? CNM students tell you how it is done through these creative video presentations. The video presentations were submitted as a group reflection project on the module Introduction to Public Speaking. The Introduction to Public Speaking module prepares students to be effective and efficient public speakers. It offers an overview of the theories of oral communication and public speaking, with particular emphasis on the practical aspects of researching, organizing and presenting speeches.

The video presentations required students to highlight the key points on the topic of ‘Delivery in Public Speaking’ and had to feature all members of the groups. The video Get our ‘A’ garnered most votes (55%) and was declared the winner based on popularity, while the videos Legend Bakers, Trans Iphone Mers and Disney Stars Team were runners-up.

You can view the videos by clicking on the respective links

Get Our A!

Legend Bakers

Trans Iphone Mers

Disney Stars Team

CNM Honours Students Esther Ng and Mabel Yeo have made it to the final round of The Culture Trip Award

CNM Honours Students, Esther Ng and Mabel Yeo have made it to the final round of The Culture Trip Award – an international writing competition. The Culture Trip Award is a competition for students in the final year of their studies, with an interest in a career in art, culture, food, travel sector. Esther and Mabel saw this as great opportunity to demonstrate their writing skills and dived right in. In her own words, Esther tells us why this is important for Mabel and herself;

Esther-and-Mabel---Culture-Trip“As very close friends who share the same major in Communications & New Media, Mabel and I were thrilled to find an opportunity to showcase our writing (honed from our time of study in CNM) on a global platform. This manifested in the form of The Culture Trip Award, a competition open to graduating students hosted by international travel and lifestyle website The Culture Trip. We will be graduating this semester and hope to enter the communications industry – winning this Award would be a massive boost in that arena, and a huge affirmation to us. We appreciate all the support we can get, and are looking forward to representing NUS, FASS, CNM and –on a broader scale– our country Singapore on this worldwide stage. Thank you so much!”

The first three prizes for the competition are based on readership and both of them hope that the CNM community can help them by reading their articles. Esther’s article  ‘Sweet Amsterdam: Top 10 Dessert spots’ can be read here and Mabel’s article ‘4 Must-See German Cities for Understanding WW II’ can be read here .


An Asian Perspective to Design: How we use Technology to enable Musical Expression

Wednesday, April 15th, 3:00 PM

CNM Meeting room, AS6, #03-33

With advances in algorithms for sound synthesis and processing, combined with inexpensive computational hardware and sensors, new types of musical instruments, and other real-time interactive expressive devices can be built with ease.  These new ‘‘instruments’’ can leverage and extend the expertise of virtuoso performers, expand the palette of sounds available to composers, and encourage new ideas and composition techniques. In this talk, Ajak Kapur will look at a variety of new devices, projects, and ensembles created over the last decade, with a  particular emphasis on extending techniques inspired by Asian music. From India, Korea, Indonesia, and beyond, the creation of new musical interfaces and robots will be presented. The birth of the KarmetiK Machine Orchestra, which evolved from these inventions, and video of compositions and experimental productions will be presented.

Ajay KapurAjay Kapur is currently the Director of the Music Technology program (MTIID) at the California Institute of the Arts, as well as the Associate Dean for Research and Development in Digital Arts. He also runs a PhD Research Group in Wellington New Zealand called Sonic Engineering Lab for Creative Technology.  He received an Interdisciplinary Ph.D. in 2007 from University of Victoria combining computer science, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, music and psychology with a focus on intelligent music systems and media technology. Ajay graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Engineering and Computer Science from Princeton University in 2002. Kapur has published over 100 technical papers and presented lectures across the world on music technology, human computer interface for artists, robotics for making sound, and modern digital orchestras. His first book “Digitizing North Indian Music”, discusses how sensors, machine learning and robotics are used to extend and preserve traditional techniques of Indian Classical music. His latest book “Introduction to Programming for Musicians and Digital Artists” is a textbook for artists to learn computer science.

Culture, community engagement, and health communication: One researcher’s journey through growth of insight and understanding

Wednesday, April 22nd, 10:00 AM

CNM Meeting room, AS6, #03-33

Dr. Warren’s body of work emerges through the lens of Standpoint Theory.  Her research agenda centers on urban health and underserved populations, with a goal of promoting data to decrease health and communication inequalities. This agenda addresses the concepts of culture and health across the life span and across systems in diverse urban contexts particular to African Americans in the United States. Dr. Warren’s presentation highlights key studies and works in progress from her research portfolio. Connections are made between her unique perspective in the areas of information seeking and in community engagement to demonstrate new insights in theory development/adaptation. Dr. Warren also presents research that utilizes these frameworks to further understanding of urban health and communication in virtual and in real world contexts.

Jennifer R. Warren, PhD, CTTS is an Assistant Professor of Health Communication in the School of Communication and Information at Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey. Dr. Warren’s research utilizes interdisciplinary health communication theories and strategies to better understand community and clinical practices that enhance the health literacy as well as health decision-making and management of chronic disease of medically underserved groups.