Meet our 2015 Class Champions and Ambassadors

NUS has a long history of giving. This long history has been created with successful giving initiatives ranging from funding of the opening of a medical school in 1905 to student and alumni funded scholarships, and financial, expertise related, and/or personal support based aids to NUS students, community and Institutions.

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Undoubtedly, Class Champions and Ambassadors are indispensible components of the giving culture. CNM’s Class Champion and Ambassadors for the Class of 2015 are Lee Kai Shun, Grace Leong, Loh Sze Ming and Louis Puah. Sze Ming, Louis and Kai Shun shared their motivation for being Class Champions and Ambassadors, and importance of their appointment with the CNM Blog:

Can you introduce yourselves?

Kai Shun: I’m Kai Shun, Year 4 FASS CNM major

Sze Ming: Louis and I are on our 4th year as well. I am planning to do further studies in Humanieties, hopefully overseas. My fascination with the power of the words was what got me to major in CNM. After taking Dr. Ingrid’s class, NM4204 Ethical Issues of Emergent Tehcnology, I developed a special interest in humanities.

Louis: Initially, I joined CNM to learn game design. I felt that games had a way of introducing fun into peoples’ daily lives. Along the way, I did human centric design, which made me change my perspective. User centric design serves the same purpose of making peoples lives more delightful and less tedious. I am now working on starting a company, which uses user centric design to rethink education.

What made you decide to become a Class Champion and Ambassador?

Kai Sun: Firstly, I was nominated. Not sure by which lecturer/professor but yeah, I’m still thankful for this great opportunity to showcase CNM and myself despite the added responsibility.

Sze Ming: After being nominated by the department, we decided to accept the title to be able to give back to the CNM department, which supported us through our journey here at NUS. I was more interested in the Class Champions side of the appointment as I believe education should be accessible to all and not limited by financial constraints. I was struck by how many of my peers were held back by financial burden.

Louis: Personally, I like the Class Ambassador aspect of the responsibility. I enjoy connecting with people in the major and/or industry. This also allows me to learn how the industry works. As we are fundraising with the graduating batch, the people we meet and work with as fellow Class Champions will eventually become contacts that are useful when we become Class Ambassadors upon graduation. Also, our contact with past Class Ambassadors will help us build a stronger network. Through our responsibility as Class Ambassadors, we would be able to keep in contact with our graduating batch, know their positions in the industry and see how they can be of help to CNM and NUS.

What is the importance of being a Class Champion and Ambassador?

Kai Shun: First and foremost, I think bringing people together is of utmost essence, especially after graduation. Everybody may be talking to each other now but as time goes by, we know that each of us will be busy with our own commitment and will thus have lesser time for each other. This might even mean that most of us won’t be talking to one another. Being a class champion cum ambassador, I believe that if you don’t get the conversation going continuously, it will die off and I, for sure, will try my best to not let that happen. Be it in bringing people together after graduation or getting them to pledge in unity towards a greater cause, we know that as long as we come together and bond, we’ll always be there for each other. I want this to be a class of remembrance of 2015 and not the lost souls of class 2015. That said, I’m pretty certain that the legacy of CNM Class of 2015 will live on even after we graduate.

Sze Ming: By taking this responsibility we are helping CNM build towards a stronger identity. As Class Champions and Ambassadors we are just catalysts. Indeed, all graduating students are Class Champions and Ambassadors in their own right. They have a share in the responsibility of keeping in touch, and giving back to their Alma-mater.

Louis: It is never enough. Regarding the Ambassador part, I am hoping that we can bring the theoretical experience we received at CNM to the real life of the industry. Likewise, I am hoping that after we graduate and receive industry experience, we can share our industry experience with junior students at CNM so that they are more prepared for the working world. Also, a lot of our students find it hard to get internships. By being ambassadors, we can connect our graduating batch with the industry and create more opportunities with them, for them. Although we were tasked with fund raising, the main idea is to give back to the school and help future students. The more important part we hope to achieve is to encourage graduating students to give back. Not only financially, but to lead them to think about how they can give back to new students through other ways as they go on in their careers.


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