Presentation of Lifepatch: DIY and hacker & maker culture in Indonesia

Tuesday, 3 February 2015, 3.00-4.00pm

CNM Playroom, AS6, #03-33

In this talk, Agus Tri Budiarto will inform us on the do it yourself (DIY) and hacker & maker culture in Indonesia and talk about his recent art – science projects created along with other members of Lifepatch collective. Lifepatch: citizen initiative in art, science and technology is a community-based organization that focuses on public education through the use of technology in art-science practice. The collective follows the cultural spirit of DIY and DIWO (Do It With Others) ethos, and regularly invites public to collaborate on communal projects that maximize the functionality of technology in order to support the local cultural development. Within this spirit, Lifepatch aims to stimulate the emergence of new patterns of creative public cooperation in diverse fields of knowledge. You can acquire further information on Lifepatch from the following link: Shot 2015-02-02 at 11.34.54 am

Agus Tri Budiarto is a biohacking enthusiast, backyard wine producer, cofounder of, contributor at and initiate experimental food, space and laboratory Sewon FoodLab. He has a chemical engineering degree from University of National Development Veteran (UPN-Veteran). He has been active with local community practices of Yogyakarta since 2003, focusing his activities as a citizen scientist concerning local ecology issues and biopunk movements. One of his researches is on the use of owls as natural predators of pest rodents in rice farming. He is the original co-creator of IB:SC, an art and science collaboration project on safe wince fermentation method carried in partnership with Microbiology Department UGM, which received the Transmediale awards in 2011.

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