Random Blends 2013 ~ What the student exhibitors say


Credits: Grey of Prism Visuals

Having one’s work projected onto the walls of the ArtScience Museum was a special experience

By Harris Lim

Another PR major, Harris Lim was at the launch of Random Blends 2013. He too spoke to the exhibitors. Amongst them was Cheong Ying Hui, a second year NM major, whose piece, “2030” was put on display along with five other pieces in the “Comics” section of the exhibition. This was her first time participating in Random Blends, and she was very excited to have her piece picked from many other submissions. Ying Hui’s thrill was all the sweeter when “2030’ was also selected to be part of the token of appreciation to Guest of Honor, Mr. Janadas Devan, Chief of Government Communications.

Two other first-timers, Ivan Lim and Isaiah Lim were also glad to have their joint work “Ghostbusters” on display. “I was surprised when they told me that my work would be put on display during Random Blends,” Ivan said modestly. “I feel very grateful that my hard work is being recognized.”

The largest exhibit, “Digitisation”, belonged to Koh Zhi Kai, a third year NM major and his team. Their work spanned almost the entire length of the Expression exhibition hall. Although it was the second time his work was picked for Random Blends, he felt as excited as ever. What made it very special for him this year was the venue. The ArtScience Museum is an iconic building in the Marina Bay area, distinctive for its well-articulated galleries, fashioned like the fingers of our hands. The “finger tips” of each gallery features skylights that illuminate and bring forth fully the artistry of the works on its walls. For Zhi Kai, the architecture of the venue alone is inspiring. As he puts it, “The exhibition space in the ArtScience Museum evokes our emotions and imaginations”. His other piece on display at the exhibition was “Cinemagraphs”.

Random Blends is open to all visitors keen for interactive experiences

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