Talk by Ms Jodi Newcombe from Carbon Arts

“Data, Art and Sustainability: Some initiatives from Down Under”

Date: Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Time: 4:30 p.m

Venue: CNM Playroom, AS6, #03-38, 11 Computing Drive, Singapore 117416, NUS

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About the talk:

Ms Jodi Newcombe,  founder and director of Carbon Arts, will present the work of this non-profit organisation relating to the representation of environment and human interactions through open source data in the public realm. These projects seek multi-disciplinary approaches to improving decision-making in support of sustainability at all levels – from the individual to the political.


About Carbon Arts:

Carbon Art is a non-profit arts organisation working to facilitate an increased role for artists and creativity in generating awareness and action on climate change. A key aim of Carbon Arts is open conversation between the arts, economics, science, and technology. It is through this diversity and openness of dialogues between disciplines that Carbon Arts aims to progress the role of the arts in the greater climate change and sustainability agenda.