Research Talk by Mr. Gudur Raghavendra Reddy

“Multidisciplinary Approach to Designing for Ageing Population”


Date: Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Time: 4:30 PM – 5:30 PM

Venue: CNM Playroom, AS6, #03-38, 11 Computing Drive, Singapore 117416

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Designing accessible interfaces for older people is a very unique and multi-faceted challenge. Designers tend to simplify users into two groups: either “standard” users with perfect vision, cognitive processing, motor control, technologically savvy, or the “old” users, which are exactly the opposite. Recent research suggests that this is a wrong assumption mostly arising from studies that use very small sample sizes with one or two narrow age groups at the extremes of age continuum. This does not reflect nor it offers a useful model for the complex multigenerational reality. In addition, these studies tend to focus only on the effects of chronological age as variable and do not consider cognitive and social aspects of ageing as important. In reality, older people are a very heterogeneous group in terms of their capabilities but also in terms of their dynamically changing needs. To truly understand their needs and to design for them we need to support a multi-disciplinary approach to research that focuses less on the age variable and more on the source of age-related differences. In this talk I will present how my recent research comprehensively addresses these issues by leveraging my earlier industry and research experience in visual design, interaction design, product development and technology. I will further discuss my future plans in the field of design support of independent living for the elderly and self-care medical Devices.


Speaker’s bio:

Mr. Gudur Raghavendra Reddy (Raghu) is awaiting conferment of his PhD from Creative Industries Faculty, Queensland University of Technology. His thesis research focus was on making contemporary technological products more accessible for older people. He also holds a Master of Design in Visual Communication from the, Industrial Design Centre, Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay and a Diploma in Fine Arts from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University.
Before starting his PhD, for eight years, Raghu taught user-experience design, visual communication, new media content development and design project management modules at Communications and New Media Department, National University of Singapore. He was teaching after extensive industry and research work experience in interactive multimedia, online distributed virtual environment games, 3-D modeling, animation, information design, publication design and video production & post-production. He is also a fine arts photographer, working exclusively with traditional black and white techniques.

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