Homecoming 2010

CNM celebrated its annual Homecoming on Saturday 24 July, welcoming a whole clan (yes, we’ve grown!) of alumni, new graduates, staff present and past — and their families. There was a sense of déjà vu as we welcomed former students as well as teachers, with Ms Cynthia Owens and Dr Byungho Park (all the way from Korea) joining in. More importantly, the exuberance of the group overshadowed the fact that everyone was from different cohorts.

So packed with energy was the afternoon that we drove the rain clouds away, though each guest was armed with a spanking new CNM umbrella. The 2010 CNM Magazine was also launched on this day.

Guests were treated to a video presentation done by students of NM3208 before a sumptuous Thai buffet. Awards were also given out by Dr Millie to the following people:

2010 Best Teacher Awards

(1)   Dr Cho Hichang
(2)   Dr Linda Perry
(3)   Dr Chung Siyoung
(4)   Mr Gui Kai Chong
(5)   Mr Chua Chong Jin
(6)   Ms Francesa Nathan

2010 Best Teaching Assistants

(1)   Mr Christopher Ong
(2)   Mr Chan Yoke Hian

2010 Best Alumnus Awards

(1)   Ms Alicia Wong JiaHui
(2)   Mr Soh Junhao

2010 Best Teaching Scholars

(1)   Ms Carol Soon Wan Ting
(2)   Mr Florian Kund Laszlo

2010 Best Well-Rounded Honours Students

(1)   Ms Jemima Ooi Ai Ping,  Best Honours student, NTUC Income Prize Award recipient, and also Best Well-Rounded Student
(2)   Ms Michelle Woo Pui Mun, Best Well-Rounded Honours student
(3)   Mr Daniel Teo Hee Boon, Best Communication Management student, and Hill & Knowlton Award recipient

Alas this was also a time we bade farewell to Ms Ou Meimin and Mr Mohamed Elmie Bin Nekmat, both of whom are leaving CNM to pursue their doctoral studies.

Congratulations once more, everyone, and godspeed!

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