2008 Presented Conference Papers, Graduate Students

BERRY, R., J. PRASAD, et al. 2008. Augmented Reality for Non-Programmers. ACM SIGGRAPH. Los Angeles, ACM SIGGRAPH. Late-breaking forum presentation. Presented August 2008.

Berry, R. 2008. Hyper-Augmented Reality: Looking at AR through some old postmodern goggles. In International Symposium on Electronic Art. Singapore: International Society for Electronic Art. Presented July 2008.

FENG Guangchao. An empirical study on the blocking mechanisms of China’s Internet censorship. Presented at the 2008 conference of International Communication Association (ICA). May 22, 2008. Montreal, Canada.

LAU T.Y., FENG Guangchao, Atkin DAVID and LIN Carolyn. Exploring the evolution of digital television in China: An interplay between economic and political interests. Presented at the 2008 conference of International Communication Association (ICA). May 22, 2008. Montreal, Canada.

LOW, A. (2008). The question concerning pedagogy in E-learning technology integration. Paper to be presented at the APRU/DLI 2008 conference, Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan.

Lim, S. S. and Nekmat, E. (2008, July). The Implications of Multimodal Representation for Media Literacy. Fourth International Conference on Multimodality. Singapore.

Nekmat, E. and Lim, S. S. (2008, July). New Media and Youth: The Motivations And Gratifications Of Online Betting Amongst Youths. 17th Asian Media Information & Communication Centre Annual Conference on Changing Media, Changing Societies: Media and the Millennium Development Goals. Manila.

Nekmat, E. and Lim, S. S. (2008, June). Youth and Online Gambling: Uncovering the propensity for addiction through understanding the motivations and gratifications of online betting. International Research Development Centre Workshop on Internet Addiction Research in Asia. Manila.

Lim, S. S. and Nekmat, E. (2008, April). Learning Through Prosuming: Lessons from media literacies programs in Asia. Science, Technology & Society (STS) Cluster and Communications and New Media Programme, National University of Singapore International Workshop on ICTs and Development: Experiences from Asia. Singapore.

OU Meimin. (June 2008). Social networking sites: A Uses and Gratifications perspective. Paper presented at The Asian Media Information and Communication Centre (AMIC) conference, Manila.

PAN B & CHO H. (2008). Understanding subgroiup identification, team identification, and intergroup relations in global virtual teams. Paper presentated at ICA 2008 Conference. May 22-26, 2008. Montreal, Canada.

Ganga SASIDHARAN. (July 2008). Corporate social responsibility and marketing: A cause lost in frame alignment? Paper presented at BledCom 2008, 15th Global Public Relations symposium at Lake Bled, Slovenia.

Soon, C. & Park, H.W. (2008). The emergence of e-research in Asia, its potential and the realities for the social sciences: case studies of Singapore and South Korea. Paper presented at Oxford eResearch Conference, September 11-13, 2008, Oxford,U.K.

Cheryll Ruth R. SORIANO. (December 2008). Philippine NGO Websites, Usage Patterns, and Implications to State-Civil Society Relations. Paper presented at the Communications Policy Research South Conference 3 Organized by LIRNEasia and Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Beijing China.

Cheryll Ruth R. SORIANO. (April 2008).Pinoy NGOs and the Dynamics of Website Use. Paper presented at the Workshop on Information and Communications Technology & Development, National University of Singapore

Cheryll Ruth R. SORIANO. (July 2008).Universal Access, Telecenters, and the Question of Policy. Accepted at the International Association for Media and Communication Research (IAMCR) Policy and Regulation Session, Stockholm, Sweden.