Interview with PM Haze (Part 2)

Here are some more questions I asked Ms. Zhang, relating to some of the new policies decided by the Indonesian and European governments. I’m so grateful for her answers in making me understand the complexities surrounding policy making. 1.The Indonesian President has signed a moratorium on new licenses for oil palm plantations. Do you think […]

What can we do?

Over the past few weeks, we’ve looked at the role of various stakeholders of the haze issue- businesses, government, farmers, banks. The issue seems so complex, so you may be thinking, what can we do as consumers? There is hope that we can prevent another 2015 haze crisis is to demand haze-free practices from companies, […]

RSPO Certification: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

What is RSPO? It’s the world’s leading certification system for palm oil produced sustainably, in accordance to criteria it has created. RSPO is a non-profit that contains stakeholders from different sectors of the palm oil industry, namely- oil palm producers, processors/traders, manufacturers, retailers, banks, NGO’s. The RSPO has developed environmental and social criteria which companies […]

The Role of Businesses

As I mentioned in my previous post, only 16% of the global palm oil production includes certified sustainable palm plantations. The RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil)is the largest sustainable palm oil certification. It certifies many multinationals and smallholders which are annually assessed to ensure compliance. I’ll be discussing more about the RSPO certifications in […]

Should we boycott palm oil?

Today, while scrolling through my Instagram feed I chanced upon this heart-breaking picture. This is Saba, a 23-year-old female & pregnant Sumatran Orangutan, a critically endangered species, who had been shot as she was isolated on an old rubber plantation that is to be converted into a palm oil plantation. Staring at the photo on […]

Let’s delve deeper…

Now that I have set the stage by introducing the haze issue, let’s dive right in. This is an issue that directly impacts us in Singapore, unlike the more seemingly distant environmental issues of our world. However, it should matter to us because of much more. Deforestation of Indonesia’s rich tropical forests is happening at […]