Google Chrome 88 incorrect time stamp glitch on Windows PCs, official workaround available

Google Chrome 88 introduced a bug that renders the time inaccurate when compared to what is displayed on the Windows PC on which the browser is installed.

Currently a workaround is available which will resolve this behavior. See steps below to complete the workaround:

  1. On your Windows device, open the settings application.
  2. Navigate to Date & time.
  3. Under Time zone, select a time zone different from your own.
  4. Under Time zone, reselect your original time zone.

Google are working on determining the root cause for this behavior, and a bug has been opened to investigate this. You may track the progress of the bug in Chromium bug tracker.

For more information, please refer here.

Turnitin & iThenticate service degradation – Submissions & Similarity Reports not viewable

Turnitin and iThenticate experienced service degradation from Wed 9 Dec, 2313 hrs to Thu 10 Dec, 0533 hrs.

During this time, you may have found that you are unable to view submissions and/or Similarity Reports, as well as experience slowness when accessing the service.

Turnitin announces that this has now been resolved, and apologises for the inconvenience.

For further information and system updates, please:

You may also visit Turnitin System Status.

Turnitin service degradation

Turnitin experienced slow report generation, which began on Thursday 5 November at 1850 hrs. The issue was resolved on Saturday 7 November at 0736 hrs.

While the main issue is resolved, Turnitin is facing delays from the backlog of papers.

Please send a support request to Turnitin only if your similarity report has not been generated 24 hours after submission. (Their normal turnaround time is up to 24 hours.)

Separately, Turnitin experienced slow submission on Friday 6 November from 0017 to 0317 hrs. This issue has been resolved, and Turnitin is continuing to monitor.

Turnitin apologies for the inconvenience.