Dutta, M. J. (2012). Resisting global economic policies. In Voices of Resistence. West Lafayette: Purdue University Press

Key Concepts & Guidance Questions

Dutta asks: “What are the alternative rationalities and forms of organizing that are put forth by these global movements of social change that are seeking to transform inequitable economic policies?”

Keeping his main Q in mind:

What do you think is/are the “global movement(s) of social change” that is/are critically analyzed by the author?

What are the “alternative rationalities and forms of organizing” does the author helps us become aware of?

“Voices of Resistance” – what role does it play in this movement for social change?

“Occupying symbolic spaces” – how does that address the issue of inequality in the society?

What is “Collective Thinking” and how is it positioned in the movement for social change?

What do “The Narrative of Greed” and “The Stories of Suffering” tell us about the “collective experiences of marginalization’?

Application Questions

What citizenship concepts can be understood through the “voices of resistance”?

The narrative of the 1% vs the 99% – what lessons can we learn from OWS?

Are these forms of resistance applicable to other nations, for example, Singapore?