Ross, A. (2007). Multiple identities and education for active citizenship. British Journal of Educational Studies, 55(3), p. 286-303.


Key Concepts & Guidance Questions

The author starts by posing two overarching Qs:

“How do conceptions of citizenship relate to those of identities, and what are the implications for educational policies and practices?

Many writers suggest individuals have a multiplicity of identities: does this have consequences for how young people learn about citizenship?”

What are the answers to these Qs that the author provides/argues for in the article?

What are identities? Are identities singular or multiple?

What is the social constructivist view of identity? Is the concept of self in contrast to the social construction of identity?

What are the affordances of Identity in understanding the concepts of citizenship and rights?

How has the author categorized citizenship rights over time?

How can concepts of identities and rights contribute to citizenship education?


Application Questions

What are the implications of treating citizenship non-legalistically in societies besides Europe?

How is education for active citizenship addressed in Singapore? What are your thoughts regarding the education policies that promote active citizenship education among young people?

Should active citizenship behavior be related to national identity?