• Four Critical Reading Responses (not more than 350 words each) – 20% total (Indiv.)
  • One Group Presentation (5 min per group member plus discussion/Q&A) –  20% (Group)
  • Final Project (1,500 words per group member; includes ungraded proposal) – 30% (Group)
  • Final Quiz – 10% (Indiv.)
  • Class Participation – 20% (Indiv.)

Critical Reading Responses (20% total)

These short pieces of writing are designed to test our understanding of the weekly readings, and to encourage us to begin to construct an informed response (individual work). Students will be invited to post a Reading Response on a rotating basis, by groups, each week. Please see the Schedule on when your group has RRs due.

* Reading Responses should be posted by 9am the day before your Section (e.g. If your section is on Wed, please post your RR by Tues 9am.)

  • Please see Reading Response Sheet in IVLE files (workbin) for detailed instructions and scoring rubric 

Group Presentation (20%)

We’ll sign up to groups of three to four early in the course. Each group will share a time block of 15-20 mins to present material based on the Final Project (below), and proceed to answer Q&A. The group will role play presenting a White Paper to a cross section of citizens (the other class members), who will help you refine your thinking and approach in Q&A.

* Please arrange to meet your teacher on or just before the week you present and email your draft slides in advance. Your teacher will meet with you to help guide and refine your presentation before you go ‘live’.

  • Please see guidance document in IVLE files (workbin) for detailed instructions and scoring rubric (to be added)

Final Project – Citizenship White Paper (30%)

Each group is invited to prepare a simple White Paper outlining an aspect or issue of citizenship that you are passionate about. The case is also verbally presented to the class in the Group Presentation (above).

We will progressively outline in class the step you should be taking each week to prepare for your Final Project. Here are the milestones you should be aiming for:

  • Week 1-2 – form group and brainstorm issues you are passionate about
  • Week 3-4 – continue to discuss potential topics and check with your teacher as soon as you decide on a topic
  • Week 5 – attend Final Project Workshop (Combined Session time). Make appointment with your teacher for Week 6 consultation. Draft proposal and email to your teacher.
  • Week 6 – attend consultation appointment with your teacher. Please email your draft proposal in advance
  • Recess Week – submit your (actual) proposal by 11.59pm on Tue 20 Sept
  • Week 7 – your proposal will be returned to you, with feedback
  • Week 8-12 – make your presentation (see above)
  • Week 13 to Reading Week – make an appointment to see your teacher if you want comments on your draft White Paper (please email in advance of appointment)
  • Reading Week – final submission deadline is 11.59pm on Tues 15 Nov

The White Paper should come up to about 1,500 words per group member or 4,500-6,000 words total. The final deadline is 11.59pm on Tues 15 Nov (Reading Week).

  • Please see guidance document in IVLE files (workbin) for detailed instructions and scoring rubric (to be added)

Final Quiz (10%)

There will be a quiz testing your familiarity with the concepts in the readings in Week 13 during the Combined Session time. The best way to prepare for the quiz is to at least skim read the weekly reading (and look at the study guide questions) before class, even on weeks that you are not doing a Reading Response. This will help you follow the class discussion and enable you to ‘catch up’ and read the reading more closely when you have time. There will be an in-class workshop in Week 2 to help you approach reading humanities/social science readings.

Update (Oct):

  • The quiz (Thur 10 Nov, 6-8pm at SRC LT53) is compulsory
    • You will need to show a valid MC to qualify for a makeup (or else get a zero mark). The makeup will be in the form of a one-on-one interview with your teacher
  • The quiz will test application of concepts from the weekly readings
  • It will be open-book, open-note, open-internet access (i.e. you can bring your reader, hardcopy notes and laptop)
  • Phones not allowed (kept out of sight at all times)
  • Communication with any other person, by any means (e.g. Whatsapp on laptop), not allowed
    • If caught cheating, you will be sent before a College discipline board with the strong likelihood of a zero mark and the infraction entering your permanent student record. Please don’t even think of cheating – it’s just not worth it!
  • The quiz format is likely to be MCQ, short answer or a combination of the two (to be decided)

Class Participation (20%)

This is designed to reward punctuality, active engagement in and beyond class, and commitment and ownership of learning and intellectual growth. The percentage may be higher than you are used to in your faculty-based modules, as discussion and expression are part and parcel of learning in UTown.

  • The simple scoring rubric will be shared during class