Video conferencing enables Temple University-NUS SAGE Certification Programme Lectures

  • PR5302 and PR5303 conducted via video conference
  • Programmes part of Temple University-NUS SAGE Certification Programme and MSc (Pharmaceutical Sciences and Technology)
  • Inaugural live lecture conducted on Sat 17 Jan 2009
  • “The video conference lectures have been amazing.”


Buzz about BuzzEd

  • First-ever eLearning seminar in NUS - BuzzEd: eLearning possibilities illuminated
  • Educators and vendors covered various aspects of educational technology
  • Many attendees want BuzzEd to be an annual affair and to hear more from teaching peers

Faculty Voice

Dr Low Hong Tong - Living with Fluids, Working with Wikis

  • Dr Low Hong Tong uses wiki project for introductory module on fluid dynamics
  • students work in groups developing informational wiki about diseases involving blood flow
  • wiki history helps to track contributions, which is taken into account for marking


CIT online publications revamp

  • Move to consolidate CIT’s online publications, which spread over several sites
  • CITations online publication incorporating CIT updates, IDEAS newsletter and an Educational Technology blog
  • CIT System Updates separate so that important system messages