MOOC: Governing Diverse Cities in Europe and Asia

The National University of Singapore and the University of Paris are pleased to introduce their new MOOC on city governance: Governing Diverse Cities in Europe and Asia.

This massive open online course introduces key issues facing European and Asian cities to govern their diversity.  It explores a range of urban experiences, such as global cities that have become magnets of multiple types of migrations; cities that have welcomed large numbers refugees; cities that have mobilized diversity as an asset for regeneration in a context of economic decline; cities that have been confronted with the issues of racism, xenophobia, inter-ethnic tensions, and  refugee inflows; cities that have developed successful initiatives to create convivial urban spaces and foster interactions among populations of different backgrounds.

This course introduces the different facets of urban diversity and the challenges it represents for contemporary cities. It provides tools to compare the governance of diversity in different European and Asian cities. It looks at the role of different levels of public institutions, private actors and civil society in the management of diverse cities. It analyzes the resources and opportunities that diversity represents for cities and explores initiatives to celebrate diversity, and make it contribute to lively neighbourhoods and urban development.

Please join us today to learn more on this fascinating topic of diversity governance in European and Asian cities !

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