Self-Recording Rooms at FASS and FOS

UPDATE: The Science Self-Recording Room has been removed from service as of 1 August 2019. This article is for information only.

CIT has partnered with the Faculty of Science and the Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences to develop Self-Recording Rooms at the respective Faculties.

The rooms allow teaching staff to produce PC-based recordings in a well-lit environment which is sound-damped. The rooms are also equipped with interactive pen displays and coloured curtains which allow for simple replacement of the recording background.

You can use the interactive pen display to annotate slides as you present. This is useful as it draws attention to various points on screen, giving more dynamism to your recorded presentation.

Using the green curtain, you can replace the background with a photo or video when you edit the screencast recording. You can appear to be in different locations - you just need suitable images.

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