questionSMS updates

questionSMS is an opt-in classroom response service that enables you to receive questions, feedback and responses to questions during your lectures and seminars on a web browser. This is done without interrupting the flow of your lecture or presentation.

Students may send their responses via an SMS or through the web interface at

New features

Voting for Free Text Question

vote-for-free-text-question-03Students can now vote for the free text questions submitted by other students. The staff will be able to see the popular questions voted by students to respond to. Question up-voting can only be done through the web.

Enhanced Free Text Question in Live Response

enhanced-free-text-questionStaff will now be able to view responses ordered by Votes or by Date Received. Most popular questions will appear above other questions. They will also be able to check off questions which has been resolved. This will be reflected on the student's view live.

Additional chart for Poll Question in Live Response

additional-chart-displayA pie chart has been added to the Poll Question response to illustrate the percentage of responses received.

Enhanced reports for different question types

enhanced-reports-01Under Engagement, there are new reports with detailed statistics of your questionSMS usage and responses from the students.

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