Introduction to Wiley Digital Products

The Centre for Instructional Technology (CIT) and Wiley are pleased to invite you to attend a session on Wiley Digital Products.

Save valuable time and energy when you use WileyPLUS — Wiley's online teaching and learning environment. Automatic grading and real-time reporting allows you to focus on maximizing your impact on students—finally making your course manageable! Learn more.

Tired of Traditional? Do your students complain about heavy textbooks? Looking for environmentally friendly option? Wiley Desktop Editions are built in partnership with VitalSource Technologies and gives you fully integrated online, download and mobile access to your eTextbooks. Try a Wiley Demo.

Discover how you and your students can benefit from our online content offerings available for your module today!

This session will be held on Thursday 19 July 2012 from 1000 to 1130 hrs. Register Now!

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