August 2009


eLearning in emergencies

eLearning was constantly mentioned in the press as the spectre of the H1N1 pandemic flu outbreak threatened to shut down schools. Thankfully, this flu strain is not yet highly fatal. Nevertheless, the question bears asking: What happens if everyone has to be quarantined at home today?


Get organised with the IVLE Lesson Plan

CIT recommends that faculty staff set up lesson plans in IVLE for all modules. This will allow students to get a week-by-week (or topic-by-topic) view of the module, as well as the relevant links to resources for that week (or topic). Here’s a quick Lesson Plan tutorial.


Virtual Classroom through Web Conferencing

The simplest ways to conduct tutorial sessions online is via IVLE chat rooms (live) or IVLE discussion forums (asynchronous). However, you may want a more dynamic and interactive environment to conduct your lessons. This is where web conferencing is useful.

Faculty Voice

Google Docs – An Apt App

Assoc. Prof. Eleanor Wong, Director of the Legal Skills Programme at the NUS Law School shares how she used Google Docs to aid in improving her students’ writing.


Screen Recording simplified

Camtasia Relay is now available to all lecturers for your screen recording needs. Screen recording, also known as screencasting, allows you to record your computer desktop as well as your audio narration. Anything which can be displayed on your computer screen can be recorded.

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