Why should educators twitter?

Edublogger Laura Walker offers nine reasons:

  1. Together we are better
  2. Global or local, you choose
  3. Self-awareness and reflective practice
  4. Ideas workshop and sounding board
  5. Newsroom and innovation showcase
  6. Professional development and critical friends
  7. Quality-assured searching
  8. Communicate, communicate, communicate
  9. Getting with the times has never been so easy!

In Laura's post (via Jane's E-Learning Pick of the Day), she quotes @melaniemcbride: “Following smart people on Twitter is like a mental shot of expresso”.

Indeed, the quality of your Twitter experience can vary widely depending on who you follow. That's an implicit prerequisite which can make or break your Twitter experience.

Here are a few NUS tweeple (twitter people) to follow:

Do you know any other NUS staff who Twitter?

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2 thoughts on “Why should educators twitter?

  1. Kenneth Pinto (admin)

    Post author

    That’s right, Aaron. But I don’t really twitter much about edtech. Actually, I’m trying to grapple with the question you asked in one of your twits, whether to mix personal and professional aspects in your Twitter feed (and blog, for that matter).

    Not that I have a solution.

    P.S. It’s just CIT. =)

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