CIT online publications revamp

  • Move to consolidate CIT's online publications, which spread over several sites
  • CITations online publication incorporating CIT updates, IDEAS newsletter and an Educational Technology blog
  • CIT System Updates separate so that important system messages are given prominence

The Centre for Instructional Technology has revamped its online publications, consolidating CIT updates, the IDEAS newsletter and an educational technology blog into an online publication called CITations, which runs on Blog.nus.

The publications came about at different points in the past, thus each was treated as an individual unit. Each also focuses on different areas. CIT updates (formerly CIT Website Archives) was initially conceived as a static archive of milestones, highlights the latest developments in the department. The IDEAS newsletter delves into educational technology news on campus. The educational technology blog features what is happening in the wider world of technology in education.

Having observed trends with other online publications, CIT decided to consolidate these into one site: CITations.

Why CITations?

A citation, or a quotation, is synonymous with academic papers and essays. It is a basic act in higher education, to cite another person's work. A citation is also an award, which highlights CIT's recognition in various areas.

Now that the publications are found in one place, there will be greater synergy as readers get more frequent updates and a broader view of educational technology.

Observant readers will note that there is one online publication which is still separate: CIT System Updates. This is because CIT System Updates provides important announcements about the systems which CIT runs, such as IVLE, webcasts and others. CIT does not want to mix these important announcements with regular features. CIT System Updates is also available on Twitter.

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