Buzz about BuzzEd

  • First-ever eLearning seminar in NUS - BuzzEd: eLearning possibilities illuminated
  • Educators and vendors covered various aspects of educational technology
  • Many attendees want BuzzEd to be an annual affair and to hear more from teaching peers

The Centre for Instructional Technology held its inaugural eLearning seminar - BuzzEd: eLearning possibilities illuminated - on 5 January 2009 at the University Hall Auditorium.

Speakers included educators in NUS and vendors of services provided by CIT. They covered areas such as Web 2.0 in education, eLearning developments, support services and ways to enhance teaching with technology.

Over 60 participants attended BuzzEd 2009. Many had positive feedback, indicating that the seminar should be an annual event. One of the overwhelming responses was that educators were keen to hear more from their peers about how they are using technology in the classroom.

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