Directory and FAQ

If you are interested in finding out what other blogs there are on Blog.nus, check out the newly minted Directory. So far, there are a few module-based blogs, which is a natural extension from our previous blogging platform. There is also a blog for one of CIT's new services and another which cuts across a range to subject areas. You can also see the latest content from these blogs on the right-hand sidebar under Latest around Blog.nus.

There is also a new FAQ page. As Blog.nus gets more visitors, I've encountered some recurring questions and issues. So, I've complied them into a page. It's disorganised at the moment, but I hope to make it more structured and navigable (navigatable?) as Blog.nus grows. Please check out the FAQ if you have questions or have encountered an issue - the answer might be there. If it isn't, please contact me:

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