The soft launch of Blog.nus, Wiki.nus and the Online Mindmapping Tool

It has been a busy semester break for CIT. Today, being the first day of the new Academic Year, we would like to announce the soft launch of Blog.nus, Wiki.nus and the Online Mindmapping Tool.

Blog.nus Access | More information
Blog.nus is a new blogging platform for NUS staff and students. Those who want to create a blog for academic, educational, research and administrative use can do so at Blog.nus. Of course, if you want a personal blog, there are many free services such as Blogger and instead.

Speaking of WordPress, Blog.nus runs on it. If you have used a WordPress blog (or most other blogs, for that matter), you will be able to use Blog.nus without a cinch. In fact, Blog.nus has several advantages, such as the ability to embed a wider range of content than the regular WordPress blogs. Also, there is a lot more storage capacity, more themes to choose from and more privacy options - stuff that's important to educators.

If you have any queries about Blog.nus, please contact Mr .

Wiki.nus Access | More information
Wiki.nus is our very own wiki platform for NUS staff and students. If you've ever required a wiki for collaboration, knowledgebase building or other educational purposes, Wiki.nus is your solution. Wiki.nus is powered by Confluence and hosted on our servers. It is single sign-on enabled, so you can sign in and create a wiki immediately in a few steps.

Wikis can be set to different levels of privacy e.g.
- Public access, public editing
- Public access, restricted editing (probably the most common model)
- Restricted access, restricted editing (excellent for collaboration)

If you have any queries about Wiki.nus, please contact Mr .

Online Mindmapping Tool Access | More information
Finally, we have our very own online mindmapping tool, powered by Mindomo. This allows staff and students to create and share mindmaps online.

Mindmap software allows you to do something that cannot be done with paper - editing the mindmap. You can also embed the mindmap in a web page or blog.

If you have any queries about the Online Mindmapping Tool, please contact Mr .

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