Connect, live and learn with Nexus

A learning management system (LMS), such as IVLE, has served educators and students well. However, being a walled garden, the LMS is not very well suited to take advantage of the latest internet developments, particularly Web 2.0 tools such as blogs, wikis, social bookmarking and the like.

CIT's new service - Nexus - serves to plug the gap between private and public accessible learning systems. It can also include personal services which makes it a tool for more than learning, hence:

Students and staff who access Nexus will find that predefined services have already been added. Nexus allows you to access IVLE, NUS Libraries services, Network TV and webcast lectures directly. You can also view external services like Facebook, Flickr, YouTube and games from the same tabbed interface.

Nexus consolidates all these information streams in one consistent interface and location. Users are free to add various widgets which are available within Nexus. An RSS widget allows you to pull in any RSS-enabled content such as blogs and news to your Nexus interface.

In the near future, staff or students can also develop widgets for use in Nexus, which will make it a system which is develop by users for users.

For more information about Nexus, contact Mr or read the Nexus blog.

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