Global Classroom Revamp

Static rows of desks. LCDs blocking students’ faces. Presenters’ movements hampered by shadows from forward projection. This was the reality of CIT’s Global Classroom. However, all these limitations are set to change with the current refitting of the room.

The new layout will be open and reconfigurable. Furniture will be movable and collapsible to allow for a wide range of set ups. The classroom can be laid out in a traditional manner. Alternatively, it can be set up for small groups or a roundtable meeting.

Movable tables and chairs

A 'transformer' desk/chair

With movable furniture come laptops and Tablet PCs, which will replace the static and cumbersome desktop PCs. Besides allowing for freedom of movement, these have a smaller footprint, allowing students and lecturers to see each other without obstruction.

Laptops in the Global Classroom

The Global Classroom will also be equipped with wireless presentation technology, allowing the screen of any computer in the room to be projected without hassle. Students can then present directly from their respective computers.

Finally, the Global Classroom will be equipped with dual 100-inch plasma panels, negating the need for forward projectors. The lecturer or facilitator can thus move around the room – which is relatively small – without casting a shadow on the projected display. The large size of the displays also allow for great resolution and clarity.

Twin plasma displays

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