Courseware Development – at your service

One of CIT's key services is the development of courseware for faculty staff. Courseware ranges from simple course websites to self-sufficient courses such as the Academic Culture eModule. We have highlighted three courseware projects below to give you some idea of the learning that courseware enables. Please contact Mr if you are interested in engaging our services to create courseware for your students.


e-daf is an overarching German language courseware for various modules.

It consists of grammar notes, interactive web-based exercises, learning strategies, access to related online forums and chat rooms in IVLE, links to German-related resources, project showcases of students' past work, web-accessible audio-visual materials, downloadable audio podcast lessons and a searchable archive of previous years' notes and exercises.

e-daf is continually being expanded to keep content fresh and exciting for students.

Interactive Radiology Training Programme

Interactive Radiology helps to build medical students' skills in using imaging to solve clinical problems.

This comprehensive self-paced courseware was designed to develop students' confidence in x-ray interpretation and to develop their skills in selecting an appropriate and cost-effective test to solve a variety of clinical problems. It caters to both undergraduates and postgraduates who study diagnostic radiology.

Each module within the programme consists of specific learning objectives, clear instruction, illustrated examples, interactive case studies and web references. Students can study and measure progress in diagnostic radiology subjects at their own pace.

Access it here:

Mathematics II (MA1506)

The MA1506 Mathematics II courseware is a comprehensive course website which ties in to IVLE and provides direct links to library resources. The site covers every aspect of the module, providing one-stop access to all the module's resources.

More courseware examples can be found at the CIT website.

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