We Are Hiring!

Positions are available for Research Fellows (Post-doctoral Fellows) and Research Assistants in the laboratory of Dr. Siowling Soh, at the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, National University of Singapore (NUS).

The research of our group is interdisciplinary. One area of focus is the field of charge separation at the interface of matter, including solid, liquid, and gas. We seek to increase, decrease, or control the amount of charge generated at the interface for a wide range of applications, including energy harvesting, filtration, separation, chemical analysis, and antistatic and anti-adhesive surfaces. The field is tremendously exciting because the science underlying the phenomena is poorly understood; hence, there is a lot of opportunities for great fundamental discoveries and development of new applications.

Another area of focus is functional stimuli-responsive polymers. We seek to develop smart functions of stimuli-responsive polymers by combining physical-chemical phenomena, unique properties of the polymers, interesting reactions, and design. The fields of application include drug delivery, micro-actuation, soft robotics, treatment, separation, and many others. Besides these two areas, our research group is also involved in many other areas of research, including electrochemistry, self-assembly, 3D printing, reaction diffusion, fluid mechanics, and others. The scope of the projects can range from fundamentals, applications, to commercialization of products.

The ideal candidate is preferably a chemist, material scientist, engineer (e.g., chemical, mechanical, etc), or a researcher in a related field. The candidate should have a relevant Ph.D. (as a Research Fellow) or Bachelor (as a Research Assistant) degree. Candidates must have good hands-on skills in experimental work, are independent in research, and have good problem-solving skills.

If interested, please contact Dr. Soh at the following email address: chessl@nus.edu.sg