Application: 3D Printing of Drug Tablets

Most forms of medicine available commonly today have a standard dosage, duration of release and release profile in each tablet and it is not optimized for each patient. 3D printed personalized medicine is an emerging technological field in healthcare and we have described a simple yet general method to fabricate a fully customizable drug tablet that has the ability to customize dosage, duration of release, release profile and even multiple drugs in one tablet for each patient.

Printing Tablets with Fully Customizable Release Profiles for Personalized Medicine

Sun Yajuan has published a paper on fully customizable drug-release profiles with 3D printing. The publication has led to wide media coverage including The Straits Times, Today Online, GovInsider.

A simple method to manufacture drugs with various release profile is made possible via 3D printing. The concept for the design is simple yet robust: different profiles are achievable by drug release in one direction and drawing plus printing the profiles with 3D printing technology. 1

On-demand fully customizable drug tablets via 3D printing technology for personalized medicine

Drugs with varying dosage, duration, release profiles and combination of multiple drugs are 3D printed. The method is simple, inexpensive and efficient. The idea allows fully customizable drug tablets can be fabricated efficiently on the spot after the diagnosis of patient. 2

Drug delivery systems for programmed and on-demand release

Advancement in medical science has led to new drugs carriers that are capable of releasing drugs with controlled amount and duration. “Programmed” and “On-demand” are introduced to accomplish this idea. The content of this review paper covers from old method of producing and manipulating the drug delivery systems to the use of new technologies. 3



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