Chu Peng

Chu Peng


Personal Particulars
PhD student
NUS Environmental Research Institute,
1 CREATE Way, CREATE Tower, Singapore, 138602
Office: #15-02



B.Eng., Thermal Energy and Power Engineering, Central South University, China, 2011-2015.

Research Interests

  • CCHP system
  • Absorption cooling system
  • Dehumidification

Journal Publications:

[1] Chu P, Wang H, Chen J, Sun H, Wang H, Dai Y. Experiment investigation on a LiBr-H2O concentration difference cold storage system driven by vapor compression heat pump. Solar Energy. 2021;214:294-309.

[2] Li X, Wei L, Lim CW, Chen J, Chu P, Lipiński W, et al. Experimental and numerical study on thermal performance of an indirectly irradiated solar reactor with a clapboard-type internally circulating fluidized bed. Applied Energy. 2022;305.

[3] Li X, Chen J, Hu Q, Chu P, Dai Y, Wang CH. Solar-driven gasification in an indirectly-irradiated thermochemical reactor with a clapboard-type internally-circulating fluidized bed. Energy Conversion and Management. 2021;248.

[4] Jia T, Dou P, Chu P, Dai Y. Proposal and performance analysis of a novel solar-assisted resorption-subcooled compression hybrid heat pump system for space heating in cold climate condition. Renewable Energy. 2020;150:1136-50.

[5] Jia T, Chu P, Dou P, Dai Y. Working domains of a novel solar-assisted GAX-based two-stage absorption-resorption heat pump with multiple internal heat recovery for space heating. Energy Conversion and Management. 2020;220.

Conference Publications/ Presentations:

  • Chu P, Jia T, Dai Y. A Novel Heat Storage System with Solar Ammonia-Water Resorption Heat Pump Cycle Based on Concentration Difference. 18th International Conference on Sustainable Energy Technologies, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 20-22 August 2018.

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