Rong Le

Personal Particulars

Research Engineer


M. Med., Nephrology, Southern Medical University, China, 2007.

B. Med., Clinical Medicine, Central South University, China, 2003.

Work expeiences

2007-2008, Nephrologist, Zhujiang Hospital, Guangzhou, China.

Research Interests

Toxicity Assessment of Gasification Process

Like incineration, the gasification process produces emissions, including air emission (acid gases, dioxins and furans, nitrogen oxides, sulphur dioxide, particulates, etc.), solid residue (inert mineral ash, inorganic compounds, and unreformed carbon), and water (used to wash the original waste in pre-treatment and clean the syngas). In order to evaluate their effects on human health, we develop various models (human primary cells or cell lines from liver/kidney/lung, human mesenchymal stem cells, zebrafish/fly model) and check the toxic effects on cell viability, morphology and functionality accordingly.

Journal Publication

L. Rong, T. Maneerung, J. C. Ng , K. G. Neoh, B. H. Bay, Y. W. Tong, Y. Dai, C.H. Wang, Co-Gasification of Sewage Sludge and Woody Biomass in a Fixed-bed Downdraft Gasiļ¬er: Toxicity Assessment of Solid Residues, Waste Management, 36, 241-255 (2015).

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