Yao Dingding

Yao Dingding  

Personal Particulars
Research Fellow

NUS Environmental Research Institute

National University of Singapore, 1 Create Way

Singapore, 138602

Office: CREATE Tower 15-#02
Phone: (65) 9661 3915
Email: eriyd@nus.edu.sg



Ph.D, State Key Laboratory of Coal Combustion, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, 2014-2018.

Research Interests

Thermo-chemical processing of plastic/biomass with nano-catalyst

Hydrogen and carbon nanomaterials production from catalytic pyrolysis of waste plastics

Research highlights

Waste to Energy – H2-enrich syngas and liquid chemicals can be produced from plastic waste using pyrolysis and reforming process

Waste to Resource – Carbon nanomaterials production from high C-containing resources from catalytic thermal cracking of waste resources

Resource Utilization– carbon materials from waste plastic for several applications including waste water treatment; electrochemical materials


  1. Yao, H. Li, Y. Dai, C.H. Wang, “Impact of temperature on the activity of Fe-Ni catalysts for pyrolysis and decomposition processing of plastic waste”, Chem. Eng. J., 408, 127268 (2021).
  2. Dingding Yao and Chi-Hwa Wang. “Pyrolysis and in-line catalytic decomposition of polypropylene to carbon nanomaterials and hydrogen over Fe-and Ni-based catalysts.” Applied Energy. 2020, 265:114819.

Conference Presentations

Dingding Yao and Chi-Hwa Wang. Thermal chemical recycling of waste plastics for valuable products. Sustainable Waste Management Workshop. 7-9 January 2020. Singapore. (Invited talk)