Arun Kumar

Arun Kumar  

Personal Particulars
Research Fellow
NUS Environmental Research Institute,

1 Create Way, Create Tower

Singapore 049374 

Office: Create Tower, Level 15 (E2S2)
Phone: (65) 8258 0753


  • Ph.D, Materials Science & Engineering, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore,2014-2018
  • M.Tech, Biomedical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology,Bombay; Mumbai, 2007-2011
  • B.Tech, Biotechnology, Anna University, Chennai, 2007-2011

Research Projects:

  • Microencapsulation using pine pollen for molecular delivery
  • Graphene Quantum dots for Drug Delivery
  • Waste to Resource – Ash as Construction and Land Reclamation Material


  • Synthesized geopolymers using coal & wood fly ash along with leachate testing
  • Produced mortar using sewage sludge ash as cement & agggregrate substitute and analysed marine toxicity & macrofouling of the ash mortar against control
  • Removed heavy metals from sewage sludge ash using acids and assessed marine toxicity of raw & processed ash

Geopolymerisation using coal & wood fly ash Marine Toxicity of Raw and Acid treated Sewage Sludge Ash


  • Arun Kumar Prabhakar, Hui Ying Lai, Michael G. Potroz, Michael K. Corliss, Jae Hyeon Park, Raghavendra C. Mundargi, Daeho Cho, Sa-Ik Bang, Nam-Joon Cho,“ Chemical processing strategies to obtain sporopollenin exine capsules from multi-compartmental pine pollen” J. of Industrial Engineering & Chemistry,53, 375-385  May 2017 
  • Arun Kumar Prabhakar#, Michael G. Potroz#, Ee-Lin Tan, Haram Jung, Jae Hyeon Park, and Prof. Nam-Joon Cho*;”Microencapsulation with Plant-Based Multi-Cavity Microparticles: Nanoporous Microstructures, Loading Optimization, and Controlled Release“, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces,10, 28428-28439  July  2018
  • Arun Kumar Prabhakar, Michael G. Potroz, Soohyun Park, Eijiro Miyako* and Nam-Joon Cho*; “Spatially controlled molecular encapsulation in natural pine pollen microcapsules”, Particles & Particle Systems Characterisation,1800151 July  2018
  • Wenlin Yvonne Lin#, Arun Kumar Prabhakar# , CM.Babu, Shin Nuo Koh, Chi-Hwa Wang*”A factorial experimental analysis of using wood fly ash as alkaline activator for co-geopolymerisation with coal fly ash”- Science of Total Environment) (#- denotes equal contributing first authors) November 2019
  • Arun Kumar Prabhakar, Babu Cadiam Mohan, Teresa Stephanie Tay, Serina Siew-Chen Lee, M.S.; Serena Lay-Ming Teo-“ Incineration Sewage Sludge Bottom Ash- Chemical Processing, Leaching Patterns and Toxicity Testing”- Journal of Hazardous Materials June  2020
  • Qiang Hu, Janelle Jung, Dexiang Chen, Ken Leong, Shuang Song, Fanghua Li, Babu Cadiam Mohan, Zhiyi Yao, Arun Kumar Prabhakar, Xuan Hao Lin, Ee Yang Lim, Le Zhang, Gupta Souradeep, Yong Sik Ok, Harn Wei Kua, Sam FY Li, Hugh TW Tan, Yanjun Dai, Yen Wah Tong, Yinghong Peng, Stephen Joseph, Chi-Hwa Wang-“ Biochar industry to circular economy”- Science of Total Environment Feb 2021
  • Anbu Mozhi, Arun Kumar Prabhakar, Babu Cadiam Mohan, Vishnu Sunil, Jia Heng Teoh, Chi-Hwa Wang- “ Toxicity effects of size fractions of incinerated sewage sludge bottom ash on human cell lines”- Environment International Jan 2022

Conference Presentations

[1] Presented a poster titled “Protein-free Pine Pollen Microcapsules for Molecular Loading” at the NTU-IITB joint symposium(NTU), March 2017.

[2] Presented a poster titled “Controlled Release from Defatted Pine Pollen” at the 4th European Biopharma Congress(Vienna, Austria) , November 2017.

[3]  Z Yao, A.K. Prabhakar, Babu, CM, C.H. Wang, “Treatment and Utilization of Solid Residues from Waste Combustion Facilities and Carbon Black Waste for a Sustainable Environment”, 22nd Conference on Process Integration for Energy Saving and Pollution Reduction – PRES’19, Agios Nikolaos, Crete, Greece, 20–23 October, 2019.- Accepted Abstract

[4] “Geopolymerisation using coal fly ash and wood fly ash with internal and external alkali sources”

Engineering Sustainable Development, Seoul, Korea,2019- Accepted Abstract

[5] “Geopolymerisation using coal fly ash and wood fly ash with internal and external alkali sources”

Engineering Sustainable Development, Seoul, Korea,2019- Accepted Abstract

[6] “Conversion of Hazardous Coal Fly Ash and Wood Fly Ash to Valuable Geopolymer Using a Green Method” – 3rd Sustainable Waste Management Conference, AIChe 2021

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