Arun Kumar

Arun Kumar  

Personal Particulars
Research Fellow
NUS Environmental Research Institute,

1 Create Way, Create Tower

Singapore 049374 

Office: Create Tower, Level 15 (E2S2)
Phone: (65) 8258 0753


  • Ph.D, Materials Science & Engineering, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore,2014-2018
  • M.Tech, Biomedical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology,Bombay; Mumbai, 2007-2011
  • B.Tech, Biotechnology, Anna University, Chennai, 2007-2011

Research Projects:

  • Microencapsulation using pine pollen for molecular delivery
  • Graphene Quantum dots for Drug Delivery
  • Waste to Resource- Ash as Construction and Land Reclamation Material


  • Synthesized geopolymers using coal & wood fly ash along with leachate testing
  • Removed heavy metals from sewage sludge ash using acids and assessed marine toxicity of raw & processed ash

Geopolymerisation using coal & wood fly ash Marine Toxicity of Raw and Acid treated Sewage Sludge Ash



  • Arun Kumar Prabhakar, Hui Ying Lai, Michael G. Potroz, Michael K. Corliss, Jae Hyeon Park, Raghavendra C. Mundargi, Daeho Cho, Sa-Ik Bang, Nam-Joon Cho,“ Chemical processing strategies to obtain sporopollenin exine capsules from multi-compartmental pine pollen” J. of Industrial Engineering & Chemistry,53, 375-385, May 2017 
  • Arun Kumar Prabhakar#, Michael G. Potroz#, Ee-Lin Tan, Haram Jung, Jae Hyeon Park, and Prof. Nam-Joon Cho*;”Microencapsulation with Plant-Based Multi-Cavity Microparticles: Nanoporous Microstructures, Loading Optimization, and Controlled Release“, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces,10, 28428-28439, July  2018
  • Arun Kumar Prabhakar, Michael G. Potroz, Soohyun Park, Eijiro Miyako* and Nam-Joon Cho*; “Spatially controlled molecular encapsulation in natural pine pollen microcapsules”, Particles & Particle Systems Characterisation ,1800151, July  2018
  • Wenlin Yvonne Lin#, Arun Kumar Prabhakar# , CM.Babu, Shin Nuo Koh, Chi-Hwa Wang*”A factorial experimental analysis of using wood fly ash as alkaline activator for co-geopolymerisation with coal fly ash”- Science of Total Environment) (#- denotes equal contributing first authors), November  2019
  • Arun Kumar Prabhakar, Babu Cadiam Mohan, Teresa Stephanie Tay, Serina Siew-Chen Lee, M.S.; Serena Lay-Ming Teo-“ Incineration Sewage Sludge Bottom Ash- Chemical Processing, Leaching Patterns and Toxicity Testing”- Journal of Hazardous Materials. June  2020


Conference Presentations

[1] Presented a poster titled “Protein-free Pine Pollen Microcapsules for Molecular Loading” at the NTU-IITB joint symposium(NTU), March 2017.


[2] Presented a poster titled “Controlled Release from Defatted Pine Pollen” at the 4th European Biopharma Congress(Vienna, Austria) , November 2017.


[3]  Z Yao, A.K. Prabhakar, Babu, CM, C.H. Wang, “Treatment and Utilization of Solid Residues from Waste Combustion Facilities and Carbon Black Waste for a Sustainable Environment”, 22nd Conference on Process Integration for Energy Saving and Pollution Reduction – PRES’19, Agios Nikolaos, Crete, Greece, 20–23 October, 2019.- Accepted Abstract


[4] “Geopolymerisation using coal fly ash and wood fly ash with internal and external alkali sources”

Engineering Sustainable Development, Seoul, Korea,2019- Accepted Abstract