Reflective Journal 2 (Topic 3)

The structured peer review for Writing Assignment 2 was memorable as part of my learning experience in ES1000. The first part of this learning exercise allowed me to provide peer review to others. While reading their submitted works, I was able to see things from different points of view and learn from how they interpreted the question. I feel that this was useful for my learning as I could notice some of the areas I could do better in compared to them. Reading some of their works also helped me to recognise areas of improvement and things that I should avoid when writing. The second part of the exercise allowed me to view the feedback I have gotten from my peers. It was helpful in helping me realise my areas of improvement in specific aspects and provide a me gauge as to where I am in terms writing abilities. After the exercise, I felt more confident and motivated in refining my work as I knew the areas I was lacking in and know what are the things to look out for in future writing assignements.