Reflective Journal 1 (My expectations and goals for ES1000 module)

During the first tutorial of ES1000, I learnt to craft effective topic sentences and identifying the context and purposes of certain texts.  Although the class was at the end of the day and I expected myself to be tired or distracted, I was able to keep up with the class as the professor made it engaging and interactive. I felt a sense of relief and it allowed me to look forward to future tutorials. I also expected that I would learn things that I have learnt before in the past and that I could pay lesser attention to this module. However, the content taught helped me to recap on my basic writing skills and knowledge. I’m pleasantly surprised as I wanted to seize this chance improve my writing skills.  Having discussions in small groups allowed me to learn from others and learn to share my thoughts as well. I learnt that my current knowledge needs some revision and practice after listening to the explanations by the professor and my peers, however, I am hopeful that this module will help me to do that.




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