Dialogue Session: The Faculty Development Committee

The Faculty Development Committee hosted a dialogue session on Wednesday, March 23rd from 12pm to 1.30pm. The session aimed to encourage discussion in key areas of SoTL. The following questions were brought up for the conversation:


  • What makes SoTL different to scholarly teaching?
  • What ethical issues have you encountered in your own practice as SoTL researchers and how have you handled them?
  • How have you conceptualized SoTL in terms of learning theories and methodological approaches?
  • How do you normally find a topic of research and develop a question for it?
  • How do you normally plan and conduct a research cycle?
  • Have you ever conducted more longitudinal naturalistic/interpretive research?
  • What considerations do you normally have when conducting collaborative SoTL research?
  • What kind of interdisciplinary SoTL research /have you done/would you want to do?


During the session, facilitators referenced several readings including:

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