August/September 2017


Welcome back to a new academic year!

As we begin a new teaching year, CDTLink features an important yet contentious topic, namely evaluating teaching.  We also share two core programmes, Teaching Assistants’ Programme (TAP) and Professional Development Programme – Teaching (PDP-T), conducted in early August 2017.

On evaluating teaching, Emeritus Professor Denise Chalmers, our Educator in Residence (EiRP) for 2017, discusses what quality teaching is, and how this can be effectively documented and shared.  Look out for the public lecture and workshop.

Complementing this are courses and workshops on the Developing a Teaching Portfolio, Student Engagement in Large Classes, Active Learning, Midterm Course Feedback, and Assessing Student Learning Using IVLE.


Keep a look-out for our next post.  Have an engaging semester!


Educator-in-Residence Programme (EiRP) 2017

Educator in Residence: Denise Chalmers

Emeritus Professor, 
of Western Australia
National Senior Teaching Fellow (OLT)


In her upcoming Public Lecture, Prof Chalmers discusses:

  • What quality teaching is
  • Its impact on students’ learning and engagement
  • How universities can build a culture to achieve and sustain good teaching

In her upcoming workshop “Evidencing Teaching”,
Prof Chalmers presents 4 broad sources of evidence which enable teachers to:

  • Enhance their teaching skills and practices
  • Support the development of their students’ learning
  • Demonstrate their professional practice to the wider academic community

Find out more about the public lecture and workshop here.


Developing a Teaching Portfolio

Developing a Teaching Portfolio walks participants through the process of

  • identifying characteristics of quality teaching
  • reflecting on teaching and its impact on student learning
  • developing a teaching philosophy and a teaching portfolio based on relevant and sound evidence.
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Workshops to Enhance Teaching


Active Learning
  • What is a framework for active learning?
  • What are the learning activities that foster active learning?

Mode: Flipped
Find out more…

Student Engagement in Large Classes
  • How can technology enhance engagement in large classes?

Mode: Hands-on workshop
Find out more...

Midterm Course Feedback
  • What tools can we use to collect student feedback in the middle of the semester?

Mode: Blended
Find out more…

Assessing Student Learning Using IVLE
  • What are the assessment tools available on the IVLE?
  • How do we use them?

Mode: Hands-on workshop
Find out more…



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