Provide feedback on peer’s presentation

Activity type:  Feedback, Collaboration

Tool(s) used:  Multimedia, LumiNUS Forum

Students view the video recorded session uploaded in the multimedia
Students do a peer review with another student assigned in a forum and provide feedback on areas identified
Tutor will review the feedback and give final comments in the forum

Variations to using the video is to use audio clips

4 thoughts on “Provide feedback on peer’s presentation

  1. Srathuhyat

    The use of collaborative technologies has long been recognized as improving student engagement with the material snake io and learning outcomes. Instructors may help students learn to write in a variety of complex and varied ways by using Google Docs to better understand how they think.

  2. Hamed

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  3. Katrin Lime

    This activity seems like an effective way to encourage peer learning and feedback, especially when supplemented with advanced writer help. Utilizing multimedia recordings allows students to revisit the presentation and provide thoughtful feedback. The structured approach of assigning peers for review in a forum ensures accountability and encourages constructive criticism. Additionally, involving the tutor in the feedback process adds another layer of evaluation and guidance. Using audio clips as an alternative to video recordings could provide a different perspective and accommodate different learning preferences. Overall, this method fosters collaboration and continuous improvement among students.

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