Newborn Photographer: Career Information

What do Newborn Photographers do?

Birth of a child is a remarkable occasion and there is a growing trend of capturing these precious moment. Newborn photographers take pictures of the newborn babies along with their family before usually at the birth time in hospital or within the first two of the birth.

baby photo at birth time newborn photo

Are you passionate about photography? Do you love babies? If yes, then being a newborn photographer could be a good career for you. If you choose to be one, then remember you will need to be responsible and careful on the welfare of the infant.

Education Requirement

Although a formal education is not required, it’s sometimes preferred by clients and employers. It is recommended to get a degree in Photography from a well-known college or university. In case its impossible to acquire a degree, attend photography classes, seminars or workshops. This will help in learning how to operate a camera, shoot diverse subjects and perfect your photography skills. A formal education can also be a useful marketing tool for the newborn photography business.

Required Skills

It doesn’t matter how good you are at photography; newborn photographer requires more training. Training will show you the essential equipment that you need such as backdrop stand, as well as a selection of photo props i.e. hats, headbands, and wraps. Training will also offer safe baby handling techniques, how to spot signs of a baby not comfortable, general baby safety as well as how to safely pose newborn while capturing the image. Remember, babies are delicate and must be handled carefully. Also, how comfortable the baby is in your pictures is depended on how well you pose.

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