11 Types of Photography Careers

1.  Photojournalist

Photojournalist, a branch of journalism, is involved with capturing news stories in the form of images.

2. Wedding Photography

Wedding photography is a lucrative business to get into. Photographers can take up the assistant roles of professional wedding photographers. After gaining experience they can start working for a studio or start their own wedding photography business.

3. Portrait Photography

Portrait photography is doing photoshoot of a person or a group of people. There are many career paths in portrait photography itself like newborn photography and family photography.

4. Landscape Photography

landscape photographers travel around the world to take images of spaces in the world, natural beauty and man made monuments. Get hired by travel magazines or sell your shots as stock photos.

5. Real Estate Photography

Career in this field involves capturing images of commercial property. You can work as a freelancer and get hired by property agents to photoshoot their on sale property.

6. Forensic Photography

Work with police force or crime investigation department to do forensic or crime scene photography.

7. Sports Photography

8. Wildlife Photography

Mostly wildlife photographers work as freelance and sell the animals, plants or nature photographs to different publications.

9. Travel Photography

Work as freelance and sell your travel photographs to different travel agencies or publications.

10. Food Photography

Work with any food magazine or blog to capture images of food in unique style.

11. Pet Photography

Pet lovers hire photographers to photographers to photoshoot their pets. Pet photography has become a specialized business on its own.

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