Family Photographer: Career Information

What do family photographers typically do?

A family photographer capture moments of families in a portrait at events like wedding, birthdays, the birth of a new child or any such events when the family comes together. Family Photographers are popularly known as portrait photographers that typically paint a picture which tells the story of the family. Some family photographers may specialize in weddings, school photographs or religious ceremonies and they may work on client’s location according to requirements.
An individual family photographer may have several responsibilities like advertising, schedule appointments, set and purchase supplies, adjust equipment, keep records, pay bills, bill customers. They are also required to select the right camera and photographic tools like artificial lights. Nowadays, family photographers use digital cameras as well as silver-halide cameras depending on the assignments.

Education and training required?

For entry-level family photography, you may not require any specific degree and only training from a professional photographer may help to create a good portfolio. But for photojournalism, it sometimes requires a college degree in the associated subject. There are some vocational training programs and certifications that are available by which you can learn portrait photography. Many institutes, universities, community colleges and private schools are offering short-term photography courses.

The syllabus for these courses includes equipment, techniques, and processes of photography. They also teach business and marketing skills that may be required for individual photographers. There are various art schools that are specialized in photographic composition and design training. In the beginning of their career, photographers should start as an assistant to experienced senior photographers and make contacts. A sense of art is the main requirement for photography.

Skills Needed?

Photography is an art so it requires artistic ability to portray a good picture. The photographer should have patience, as sometimes he may have to take several shots to get the perfect click. They also need to be very accurate to capture all the emotions of the people in the portrait or the photograph. The person should be able to gel with people of different age and culture. Family photographers must also have proper knowledge of photo editing software so that they can easily blend and edit the images.

Proffessional Family Photographers in Singapore

Newborn Photographer: Career Information

What do Newborn Photographers do?

Birth of a child is a remarkable occasion and there is a growing trend of capturing these precious moment. Newborn photographers take pictures of the newborn babies along with their family before usually at the birth time in hospital or within the first two of the birth.

baby photo at birth time newborn photo

Are you passionate about photography? Do you love babies? If yes, then being a newborn photographer could be a good career for you. If you choose to be one, then remember you will need to be responsible and careful on the welfare of the infant.

Education Requirement

Although a formal education is not required, it’s sometimes preferred by clients and employers. It is recommended to get a degree in Photography from a well-known college or university. In case its impossible to acquire a degree, attend photography classes, seminars or workshops. This will help in learning how to operate a camera, shoot diverse subjects and perfect your photography skills. A formal education can also be a useful marketing tool for the newborn photography business.

Required Skills

It doesn’t matter how good you are at photography; newborn photographer requires more training. Training will show you the essential equipment that you need such as backdrop stand, as well as a selection of photo props i.e. hats, headbands, and wraps. Training will also offer safe baby handling techniques, how to spot signs of a baby not comfortable, general baby safety as well as how to safely pose newborn while capturing the image. Remember, babies are delicate and must be handled carefully. Also, how comfortable the baby is in your pictures is depended on how well you pose.

Wedding Photographer: Career Information

What do wedding photographers do?

Wedding photography, as the name itself suggests, involves shooting a marriage ceremony along with the events happening before and after it as well. Wedding photographer captures the magical moments of the couples big day which they cherish life long with friends and family.

Skills Needed

As a wedding photographer it is required to have advanced skills related to photography, lighting, posing, photo retouching etc. Most importantly photographer should have the skills to capture the emotions of people. When it comes to taking pictures, photographers make sure that the images they capture are perfect and display the emotions and feelings. It can often prove to be challenging and involving task. Wedding photographers should also possess various interpersonal qualities as they have to deal with the guests at the wedding event.

Wedding Photographer hiring Requirements

Wedding photographers are usually hired by the end consumers directly. Before selecting a wedding photographer, people check various things and then see whether the person matches the requirement or not. This includes photography style, expertise, personality, etc. Budget is also one of the criteria for people who chose such professionals. However, they would like to get value for their money rather than just spending loads of cash for the wedding. There is a definite pressure to provide the best results in this business. But if you deliver the best then this business can be rewarding as well.

Wedding photography career is such an art, which you can master after sufficient practice. It is a challenging profession, but if done the right way, can be rewarding as well. It’s not just about taking pictures. It’s about creating memories.


11 Types of Photography Careers

1.  Photojournalist

Photojournalist, a branch of journalism, is involved with capturing news stories in the form of images.

2. Wedding Photography

Wedding photography is a lucrative business to get into. Photographers can take up the assistant roles of professional wedding photographers. After gaining experience they can start working for a studio or start their own wedding photography business.

3. Portrait Photography

Portrait photography is doing photoshoot of a person or a group of people. There are many career paths in portrait photography itself like newborn photography and family photography.

4. Landscape Photography

landscape photographers travel around the world to take images of spaces in the world, natural beauty and man made monuments. Get hired by travel magazines or sell your shots as stock photos.

5. Real Estate Photography

Career in this field involves capturing images of commercial property. You can work as a freelancer and get hired by property agents to photoshoot their on sale property.

6. Forensic Photography

Work with police force or crime investigation department to do forensic or crime scene photography.

7. Sports Photography

8. Wildlife Photography

Mostly wildlife photographers work as freelance and sell the animals, plants or nature photographs to different publications.

9. Travel Photography

Work as freelance and sell your travel photographs to different travel agencies or publications.

10. Food Photography

Work with any food magazine or blog to capture images of food in unique style.

11. Pet Photography

Pet lovers hire photographers to photographers to photoshoot their pets. Pet photography has become a specialized business on its own.

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