With enormous technological changes sweeping across the world today, voice search augmented reality, virtual reality and a lot more have crept in the world of digital marketing.

SEO agency experts have already highlighted the impact that AI has had on digital marketing, which has also triggered major changes across businesses. According to web design agency professionals, ever-evolving digital marketing trends will have a profound impact on SEO in 2020.

Let us find out the 7 most significant trends that will impact SEO this year and beyond.

1. Optimizing code and search intent

Yes, it is a little shocking that keywords are losing their former charm because search optimization that depends on intent is making its way into the digital landscape gradually. Today the intent is important to feature in the top 10 list of SERP. Google doesn’t want people to waste their time on redundant stuff hence if you are searching something Google will show you the exact thing you’ve asked for. Information is a gem, so if the information is complete then your content will certainly make it to the first page of Google. The performance of the website must be optimized, the content should be relevant, complete, and utilizing CDNs, plugins, caching mechanisms along with organizing the scripts/CSS files strategically is proven to be efficient.

2. Optimizing the video content

The video content boom is already evident. Today video content has become one of the most important parts of digital marketing. To optimize the video content you must keep a few points in mind such as: get 500 subscribers as soon as possible and acquire a vanity URL, the usage of channel keyword elements relevant to YouTube will bring in traffic.

3. Online searches will largely depend on voice searches

Voice search is smart and precise which ensures maximum productivity. Voice search is easy for anybody even if the person is blind or anything. The terms such as ‘why’, ‘who’, ‘how’, ‘when’, etc. will have more weightage as far as voice search is concerned. It is the age of long-tail searches such as ‘How to make a beauty serum at home?’ So SEO strategies need to be formulated keeping this aspect in mind.

4. Social media affects Organic SEO

Social media is all set to create a huge impact on SEO. The search is being integrated hugely with all social media platforms. Gradually there will come a time when the social media handles will start acting as search engines. For instance, consider Facebook, the Facebook watch portal is already functioning as a search engine.

5. Google’s algorithm and your content must complement each other

The click-through rate of your content will tell you clearly whether people are finding it relevant or not. The lack of viewership will make things clear, you will understand this when you’ll understand the very few people are clicking on your website link even when it is being featured in the top 10 list of SERP. Focus on optimizing the titles and descriptions to increase the CTR. Google loves it when your site gets clicks frequently. 

6. The Mobile-First Index of Google

This age is all about mobile phones. People are searching for something or the other on their phones on the go. So, your website must perform well on every gadget plus the consistency of the content must be well-maintained on all gadgets. It is important that your website is mobile friendly and the user interface is seamless because now the major crowd, who are mobile users, can visit your website. Remember Google spiders will check your content and website everywhere i.e. on the mobile phone as well as on the desktops or laptops so, now you know what to do right? Professionals recommend you to change the ‘m. version’ of your website and upgrade to a more precise design that is pretty responsive and works everywhere irrespective of what gadget you are using. Work on Metadata, content, social media metadata containing OpenGraph tags, XML plus media sitemaps.

7. The rise of long-form content

High quality long-form content can improve your page ranking remarkably. Today everything depends on what the users want and Google’s algorithm so; your long-form content must comply with these two factors. Long-form content is usually convenient for backlinks that help the search engines to recognize your content as highly relevant and improve the ranking. Remember better the utility, larger the circulation of the content. The content must be crystal clear and elaborate to eliminate even the last trace of doubt or ambiguity to sustain in the competitive market.

Now that you have all the tips you need, what are you waiting for? It is time for you to implement these and see how remarkably your website performs. You can talk to your SEO partner about aligning strategies accordingly, to reap maximum benefits from the evolving trends.