When it comes to inspiring motivation and productivity in the workplace, it goes without saying that this can sometimes feel like an uphill battle. Sometimes, employees are too busy to feign interest, and other times you feel like you are too busy to check in on their progress often enough. However, it is of vital importance that you make the time. Even the strongest businesses and empires alike can crumble to the ground if they are not kept accountable and motivated throughout the working week.

From corporate training modules, to team building events, and every manner of innovations in between, there is something intriguing to be said about the power of communication and togetherness. Even when an employee leaves your team, it is important to conduct an exit interview. The best workplaces are ones that take the right steps to keep their teams motivated and on track. It can be difficult to know where to begin. So, there are three key steps that you can meticulously follow, adding your own flare whenever you feel necessary, to keep your team motivated and passionate.

Having monthly events outside of the workplace

It might sound strange, but getting together outside of work is an instrumental part of keeping the team passionate and on track. Not only does this encourages employees to band together and communicate, forging stronger friendships outside of the office, but it effectively places them in a setting where they can discuss their work in a healthy way that does not distract from the tasks at hand in office. Additionally, this fosters a keen sense of appreciation for the role that others play in the office, which can make everyone want to work harder to boost the team up, rather than potentially flailing and letting the team down.

Having regular brainstorming questions

In having set brainstorming questions in the workplace, you are ensuring that the creative juices are always flowing, encouraging and enticing the best out of your people. Starting off a brainstorming session by providing food and drinks is a great way to fuel them for the session and break the awkward ice that seems to build up in these types of professional environments. In brainstorming sessions, encouraging employees to bring their ideas to the table fosters constructive feedback, team bonding, and creative excitement, all of which are the building blocks that create a more productive and motivated workplace.

Putting their career trajectory in their hands

Have them play an active and constant role in setting, meeting, and even exceeding their professional goals. Many companies like to be in control of their employees, deciding how they should perform and where they are falling short. But good companies are those that sit down with their employees privately and ask them how they think they are going, what they think they can improve on, where they want to go next. In making employees an active part in their own professional goal setting and ongoing development, you are making them more motivated to perform better, to reach the goals they set out for themselves.