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Month: October 2019

Rising Interest in Electric Vehicles Goes Global


When it comes to automotives, the one certainty is that there are so many variables, differences, that each and every experience with a different car is strikingly unique and yet overwhelmingly familiar. It is, in many ways, the ultimate paradox. Being behind the wheel of V8 supercars, for example, is a different experience than driving a Hyundai Getz. And while the two experiences differ individually, they are somehow familiar in comparison to one another. Now, thanks to technological advancement and rapid digitalisation, we are seeing the beginnings of what is going to be known as the electric revolution in automotives. The automotive industry has experienced its fair share of transitions over time, but the introduction of electric models to the roads is perhaps its most bold transition ever. But why?

The vision

The automotive industry is one of the most important in all the world. Quite simply, cars have become our most popular and familiar mode of transport. While the concept for the modern car was crafted from the invention of the wheel, it has ballooned to become far more than a single wheel. These days, cars are four wheels that carry multiple tones of metal and machinery. And now, again, the concept is ballooning to move into its next natural stage of progression. That stage is the electric vehicle. The electric vehicle is still a relatively new concept to the public, but it has been in development for years now. And now, we are seeing the first fleets of electric vehicles finding their way to the streets, beginning the tidal change to electric vehicles, and away from cars run on fossil fuels.

The pioneers

The concept of electric vehicles is exhilarating in itself, but the pioneers bringing the concept to exciting life are something else altogether. Car manufacturers like Tesla are reimagining what it means to drive a car, and they are bringing that imagination to life. And that emerging vision is something that is gaining more and more attention as the days carry on. In 2017 alone, for example, nearly 200,000 electric vehicles were sold in the United States alone. This is an incredible mark-up from the year before, when the interest in electric vehicles was low key, mildly curious at best. The advantages of electric vehicles are numerous, but the two biggest shifts in mindset and approach are economic and environmental shift.

The future

The facts are simple. Traditional cars run on fossil fuels, thus causing substantial negative impact on the environment. Additionally, obtaining the fuel in the first place is a costly process, which leads to higher costs for individuals as they fill up their tanks at gas stations. Electric vehicles are more cost-efficient (having eliminated the necessity of spending money on gas every time the tank empties), and more environmentally positive (having decimated the need for fossil fuels to run our modes of transport). The future of automotives is definitively electric, and the models that companies like Tesla are testing now are just the beginning of a very long and healthy approach to automotives.

Seo a Leading Modern Marketing Strategy


The modern business world is positively brimming with digital marketing strategies. As the rest of the world continues to barrel towards complete and utter digitalisation, so too do the advertising and marketing strategies used to propel businesses into that very same future. Any business that refuses to acknowledge and make use of digital marketing concepts for the valuable assets they are, puts itself in very real risk of becoming irrelevant – perhaps sooner rather than later. Digital marketing concepts are the glue that holds modern businesses together. While they all have their assets and value points, there are some digital marketing strategies that are significantly more influential and all-around useful than others.

SEO (search engine optimisation) is one such central digital marketing strategy. In short, SEO is essentially the process of procuring visibility of a website or a sole web page online across search engines. Widely referred to as ‘organic’ results, or marketing. As the worldwide web becomes more competitive a space, SEO becomes more crucial of a digital marketing strategy. Even titans of industry are taking on such advice, with companies like BBC jumping on the SEO bandwagon. The value of SEO cannot be overstated, a fact that the world is becoming increasingly more familiar with. So, what are the benefits of SEO in action?

Competing in a competitive landscape

Whether finding one’s footing in the competitive landscape requires seeking the professional advice of an accredited digital marketing company, or taking on the hard yards for oneself, the goal is always the same: to make the industry – and all competitors – aware beyond a shadow of a doubt that this a business that is in it to win it. The power in SEO lies in its ability to drum up increased exposure for businesses through natural marketing techniques. As the landscape becomes ever more competitive, this is nothing but an overwhelming positive – and the worlds of business and marketing know it, now more than ever. 

Establishing a hold on the competition

SEO not only does wonders for strengthening a website or a sole webpage’s standing on various search engines, but in doing that very thing it also subsequently sets an example to be followed by the competition. SEO allows businesses to establish their position, to strengthen it, and to have that position broadcasted to the competition. This effectively creates a virtual reputation for a website or web page without the company behind it having to generate disingenuous results.

Reaching modern audiences

The average consumer today spends more time online than they would like to admit. Specifically, the average modern consumer spends two to four hours a day online. With so much consistent traffic speeding through the virtual landscape that is the internet, it makes perfect sense that digital marketing concepts like that of SEO are having such considerable influence. SEO reaches modern consumers seemingly with ease, as consumers type key words into search engines, and generally browse the first one to three pages of search results before landing on a website. 

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