The world of marketing has changed enormously with the rise of technology and social media. Inbound marketing has become one of the major forms of gathering a large customer base and creating brand awareness. Digital marketing has grown and transitioned the manner in which brands represent themselves to an audience, but it has also changed the manner in which an audience communicates with the brand. Social media platforms have allowed the middlemen in marketing to disappear and created a direct business to consumer platform. Google Ads and social media ads have allowed brands to refine the users they want to connect with and bring forth an even more targeted audience with the ability to make the necessary purchases. Digital marketing , however, is also constantly transforming. Platforms like Instagram, a social media giant in today’s world, are creating different avenues for all brands. Gone are the days that only the number of likes on a Facebook page showcased a brand’s possibility to garner profits. With Instagram, all brands, especially smaller ones are getting an opportunity to shine.

Here are 2 ways in which Instagram is changing digital marketing

  1. Organic Marketing

Organic marketing is marketing that is either free or done through barter trades. While spending money has been a major part of digital marketing, organic marketing has created a shift in this transaction. In recent years, organic marketing has risen and created benefits for small businesses as it provides a way to grow visibility without having to spend large sums. On Instagram, there are a variety of ways that one can reach a new audience without spending on ads and sponsored content. Instagram for example, has become a social shopping platform by offering the “shop” section in the search bar. Additionally, features like tagging, geo-tagging, and hashtags allow a brand to reach a targeted audience free of cost. Digital marketing through Instagram is more than just appearing on feeds, it has a lot to do with engagement and staying connected with an audience however big or small.

  1. Influencer Marketing

Instagram is a platform that has truly introduced influencer marketing to the world. It is the platform that created this form of digital marketing and made it almost essential. Instagram is filled with influencers in a variety of different fields with a range of different followers, there are nano and micro-influencers as well as large and celebrity level influencers. This creates a possibility for all brands to find the right model or ambassador for their products. Moreover, it provides flexibility to brands in terms of spending. There is a possibility for brands to even barter products in return for posts and stories, as well as provide coupon codes for followers and create affiliate programs. Influencer marketing has changed over the years, however, by staying on track businesses can leverage this both for business to business and business to customer marketing.

Instagram has given rise to many forms of digital marketing which were unheard of in the past decade. This has proven to be beneficial for both customers and businesses. Thus, while digital marketing is in constant transformation it is lucid that as new social media platforms grow so will the ways in which one can market a brand.