The automotive industry is no stranger to innovation and improvisation. Over the years – and especially in recent years – this has been one of the most heavily impacted sectors in all the world, in terms of its own evolution. In recent times, the continuous trend in the automotive industry seems to be slowly but surely evolving movement towards smarter, more environmentally-friendly vehicles. Our ever-evolving awareness surrounding how vehicles impact the environment has resulted in a gradually global call to action. More and more, people want to know the environmental impact of the vehicles on the market.

Wanting to significantly lessen their carbon footprint, but also noting that generally the use of a vehicle is necessary to keep up with one’s busy schedule, choosing vehicles that are designed with environmental impact in mind has become a steadily surging theme. The solution comes in the form of an automotive technology that is changing the game. Of all the automotive technologies to grace and transform the industry, it is the movement towards electrifying the industry that has held the most body, on an ongoing basis. Luxury car manufacturer and modern tech powerhouse Tesla is powering forward one of the boldest technological takeovers in the history of automotives: electric vehicles.

A lesson in braving change

For decades, vehicles have always operated on fossil fuels. This has been the way since engines were first put into vehicles all those years ago, and it is not technically an effort that is necessarily broken…so why is it in need of modernisation? The answer lies in the air – literally. Decades and decades of air pollution building because of the billions of vehicles that operate throughout the world – not to mention the planes in the sky and the boats that soar across the ocean, for that matter – have resulted in the necessity for change, to ensure a healthier future for not just us and the air we breathe, but the rest of Earth’s living species and Earth itself.

First comes electric, then comes autonomous

Tesla introduced electric vehicles a few years ago now, but owing to the fact that the technology was still relatively new, they were quite expensive and were thus unaffordable for most people. However, over time, the technology has become more advanced, and so the company is releasing vehicles in a more affordable price range now, in addition to its original and performance models that still carry the more expensive price tag. In addition to being electric, Tesla is hoping to bring forward a new era in automotives that promotes and even centres around autonomous (i.e. self-driving) vehicles (but that is a story for another day).

The future of electric automotives

The introduction of widespread electric technology in the automotive industry has changed the way the industry functions and thrives, and it continues to do so. And while the electrification of V8 supercars is well off at this point in time, there is a virtual certainty that, as long as the electric vehicle movement continues to flourish and thrive, there will come a time in the not-so-distant future where fully-electric V8 supercars are very much a reality. But, alas, only time will tell (though it does look like a promising future, at this point).