The sleep industry has long been a popular one, even taking its place as one of the most instrumental pillar industries in all the world. It seems that sleep is a hot topic, and regardless of if it is the conversations among the industry debating the best mattresses of 2019, or the reviews and word of mouth reviews that consumers pass on to their friends when they purchase a particularly great or imperfect mattress, or anything else in between, sleep is always a fascination.

More and more, people are finding that new innovations into the industry are breaking free and forming to create a new era in sleep. One of those industries is an innovative look at how sleep affects our productivity.

The growing buzz

It has been known for a long time that sleep is necessary to keep the body functioning, but mainstream awareness and knowledge of exactly why and which parts of the body sleep (or lack thereof) effects, have been relatively low key. But as time has moved on, the awareness has grown, and we are finding ourselves more and more to be interested in the way that sleep affects the body.

Why do we feel drained when we get five or six hours of sleep as opposed to eight? How much sleep must we get to operate at our most productive? Especially lately, there have been many studies and much research into the matter, and it has been consistently found that we operate at our most productive. But what have those studies found?

The statistics

This is not just assumptions and expectations here. Multiple studies and much accompanying research all point to the realization that we are at our most productive when we get enough sleep. This means that we are at our best when we make sure that we have a reliable sleeping pattern, and when our sleeping pattern deviates from this normality, we struggle to maintain the same level of zest as we usually have.

Think of some of the world’s leading minds. Some studies have shown that up to 90% of executives wave up before six in the morning throughout the week, and nearly 50% of self-made millionaires wake up at least three hours before their work is due to begin. These people are brilliant in their fields, because they understand the value of sleep, and they actively work towards ensuring it is a priority.

Sleep is instrumental for our productivity

At the end of the day, there can be no denying that sleep is a crucial contributing factor to our productivity levels and overall level of brain power during the day. Prioritizing sleep is important because if we do not do so, we are limiting the time that we give our brains to rest and replenish. Not having that time can – and often does – prove to put a significant dent in the way that we function and thrive, and at the centre of all that is productivity.