We have well and truly entered the digital age. The world we live in is so heavily cloaked in all the technological marvels and digital innovations of our creation, that we seldom consider what life would be like if it was all stripped back. However, as technologies continue to rise in prominence, there also comes an inevitable rise in the threats and other risks associated with progress in these formats. When people consider their safety and privacy in the modern world, there are many valid concerns to be addressed. Internet privacy is among those concerns. The more that the internet advances as a prominent modern technology, the more information people are entrusting to its landscape, and the more vulnerable they become in the process of doing so. We are being watched, make no mistake. And it is not only by social media platforms and retail merchants.

The rise of government surveillance the world over

All around the globe, there has been a steady rise in the government’s surveillance of its citizens. More and more often, 5, 9 and 14 eyes surveillance systems and teams are becoming more present, and there has been little to no awareness about this fact given to the citizens of the countries, but more than anything the surveillance is slowly but surely becoming an invasion of the privacy and security of citizens the world over. And this is not okay. Minimal, structured surveillance is one thing…and high-impact nationwide surveillance is another thing entirely.

The surging necessity of stronger internet privacy

As the governments and other forces increase their surveillance efforts, there must be a stronger call for more secure internet privacy for the masses. The average person today spends a lot of time online, and not very often (if at all) are they considering the impact that their online activities have on their futures. Protective measures like virtual private networks (VPNs) and anti-virus malware may seem like a small kickback, but these services can and often do offer up more protection that anyone would like to think is necessary. The sad reality is that internet privacy is crucial these days, to anyone who wants to uphold their right to privacy in their activities online, and in life.

The future of digital privacy and widespread surveillance

As much as it would be nice to think that, after a time, surveillance efforts will drop, the likelihood of this happening in the countries and regions this type of surveillance has already penetrated, is not very high (if existent at all). Therefore, it becomes crucial to consider and prepare for a future where these types of battles are ongoing. Internet privacy is easily obtainable, all one must do is know where to get reputable privacy and security measures from, and how to install them. Generally speaking, they take care of themselves once installed (for the most part).